Monday, May 29

The Voy con Energía service station network grew by 158% in 2021

Record for Lubrax

Regarding the lubricants market, the group has the exclusive representation of lubrax in Argentina. In this case, and considering the period from January to December 2021, the upward curve was 200% in terms of sales and, without a doubt, the outstanding milestone occurred from March, the month of the initial kick for local production of part of the product portfolio.

It should also be noted that during September, I go with energy reached a historical record in lubricant sales, with an exponential development of Lubrax products, selling 329% more than in the same month of 2020 and doubling market share compared year to year.

an integrated model

The key to the success of I go It can be explained from their vertically integrated model, in which they propose to give a new approach to the value chain of the energy sector, maintaining control of all processes: from refining, transportation, marketing and supply .

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All Road, a company that provides comprehensive solutions in transportation, distribution, logistics and storage of hazardous and non-hazardous substances, has more than 100 trucks, allocating half of its fleet to RefiPampa (refinery located in Colonia 25 de Mayo, La Pampa). . All Road and RefiPampa, both Kakpa business units. With this strategy, the group manages to maintain control over all levels of the industry, and allows it to optimize processes to lower costs for the benefit of customers without sacrificing the quality of its products. Everything, according to its top managers, leveraged on an entrepreneurial spirit, an agile and flexible model in the face of permanent market changes.

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invest to grow

RefiPampa is currently in the process of expanding its facilities. So much so that, for the next stages of its ambitious project, it plans to take its topping to 3,000 m3/day, that is, four times the current processing capacity. And the investment also contemplates the construction of a second pipeline to connect with the incremental production of Vaca Muerta, giving greater logistical robustness to its business model.

technological DNA

The network of stations I go broke into the market with an unavoidable technological imprint. Willing to have some of its products with lower prices than the competition, in addition to leveraging its integration, the versatility and agility of its size, the entrepreneurial spirit that allows it to be on top of the business while taking care of its costs, the technological factor also It was from the beginning. It did so in several processes, although perhaps the most visible was that of its app, later also used by other oil companies. But as technology evolves at great speed, I go does not want to give up that innovative DNA and is about to launch a new development that will mean a cutting-edge milestone in the sector.

New projects

As for your outlook for 2022, I go with energy does not stop its march. Recently, the firm announced investments that exceed US$5 million for the start of an important work on Ruta 7 km. 262.5 (Junín), which will include a service station, a hotel belonging to a major international chain, a multimedia logistics center and the extension of the RefiPampa refinery.

It will also continue to grow with its network of service stations, and the expansion in the wholesale channel in which it is working with the closing of an agreement with one of the most important companies in the Agroindustrial sector of our Country.