Wednesday, August 4

The wallet dance

During this morning we will see the group photo of the new Government, renovated by Pedro Sánchez during the weekend. He has before him the fulfillment of 70% of the agreement agreed between PSOE and United We Can. Housing, Budgets and Memory are the immediate challenges.

This Monday the dance of the portfolios was held, that exchange between the ministers who are leaving, who put the best face they can, and the ministers who enter, who by not messing it up on the first day already breathe relief.

As the tumble that Sánchez has hit his Executive is so wide and so unexpected, it was all very hot and not all have wanted or been able to hide what they carried inside. We have seen bittersweet speeches like that of Miquel Iceta, to whom they change Territorial Policy a Culture and Sports, and unrecognizable people, such as José Luis Ábalos, who has appeared with a dejected and concise speech in which he has not even named Pedro Sánchez.

The departure of Ábalos continues to be the most unexpected of all, because in addition Sánchez’s loss of confidence in him implies that he ceases to be Secretary of Organization of the PSOE. He himself has resigned to speed up the deadlines. He is succeeded by Santos Cerdán, his right hand man so far in the game. Ábalos goes through the back door, as this farewell profile explains.

  • The fragile balance of United We Can. Ministers have not been changed in the purple part of the coalition, but in this review by Aitor Riveiro it is well understood that, when it has to be done, it has to be done, it will be very delicate.


Brake and gasoline

With the vaccination brake but with the summer gasoline, we are not doing well. Incidence goes up up to 368 cases, double in the case of young people; hospitalizations are growing strongly.

In Catalonia, they have been banned meetings of more than 10 people and bars will close at 00:30. In the Valencian community, curfew in 32 locations.

  • Vaccinated and sick? News and comments begin to spread from people who, even having the complete pattern, have fallen ill with Covid-19. You can pass? Yes. Scientists ask to explain it precisely and that no one falls into alarmism: it is a minimum percentage. Here a detailed explanation.
  • Open bar. There are countries and generations that seem to have said ‘look, I can no longer handle this, we are going to lead a normal life now that the elderly are already vaccinated’. And then you have to read what the experts warn: if we let the virus roam freely, can develop unpredictable variants.


Do not pass

  • Botches everywhere. After Madrid, Catalunya. A breach in the vaccine self-citation website has left anyone with basic technical knowledge in plain sight thousands of personal data of citizens. Already solved.
  • Cuba. The protests are reproduced in Cuba. It is too early to know if they have the significance that opponents and dissidents expect, but they are striking. We try to give some clues of what has happened in a country that is now governed by a generation that did not gain legitimacy at the origin of the revolution but will have to build it by governing the many Cuban crises.
  • Do you know Fatima Hamed? It is a Ceuta policy that is standing up to Vox in the Ceuta City Council. Several of his interventions have been highly applauded on social networks and today we do this interview.
  • Tiktoker without a condom. Equality will take to the Prosecutor’s Office the words of Naim Darrechi, the 19-year-old ‘tiktoker’ who has recognized cheating on girls he has sex with not to use a condom. He has 26 million followers on TikTok and 7 million on Instagram. Irene Montero recalled that “removing the condom or ejaculating inside without consent is today sexual abuse”, but what is known as the ‘only yes is yes law’ “will recognize it as aggression.”
  • Study journalism? It is one of the most requested university degrees and then many regret it. In most faculties you are trained to be a doctoral student in communication rather than a journalist, and that is just the beginning of the frustrations. In El Confidencial they do a report talking to journalists from various media.


Everything is politics

  • PIGS. The southern European countries in the technocracy are known as PIGS, an acronym for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain which conveniently means ‘Pigs’ in English. Well, there is a feeling of pride these days, after the victory of Italy in the soccer Eurocup: the PIGS have been the winners of all the European tournaments held in this century. If, as in this case, the defeated is the England of Brexit, you know better. Who is not consoled …
  • Barbarians. In that same final that faced Italy and England, we have experienced a regrettable episode of racism. The English players who missed the decisive penalties for their defeat, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, are receiving a wave of racist insults. Boris Johnson has come out to defend them. Le Pen campaigned politically against blacks and Maghrebis for decades in France, causing controversy and hatred. But France was winning.
  • More barbarians. After the defeat of England, several groups of British women have organized on social networks to offer refuge to other women who fear that their partners may be especially violent towards them after the defeat. That abusers become more aggressive after soccer matches, especially if they lose, is a perception that has already been documented in several countries. More details.

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