Wednesday, January 19

The warning from Boeing and Airbus about the risks of 5G for aviation

The message comes less than two weeks after the 5G network begins rolling out, on January 5, by US telecom giants AT&T and Verizon.

In both letters, executives at the world’s two largest aircraft manufacturing companies warned that the technology could have “a huge negative impact on the aviation industry” as wireless technology in the C-band spectrum could interfere with the aircraft electronics.

Both executives cited as an argument to the postponement request an investigation of the commercial group Airlines for America (Airlines for the United States). According to this analysis, if the 5G rules of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would have been in force in 2019 about 345,000 passenger flights and 5,400 cargo flights would have faced delays, diversions or cancellations.

“Airbus and Boeing were working with other stakeholders in the aviation industry in the United States to understand the possible interference of 5G with radio altimeters”the former said in a statement, adding that “an aviation security proposal to mitigate potential risks was submitted to the United States Department of Transportation for its consideration.”

Both companies made a proposal to limit cellular transmissions around airports and other critical areas.

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