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The water in Alcázar de San Juan is once again public: “What belongs to the people has been returned to the people”

September 3 will be from today on a “historic” day for Alcázar de San Juan and its districts, Alameda de Cervera and Cinco Casas (Ciudad Real). The mayor, Rosa Melchor, has signed the withdrawal of Aqualia from the capital stock of Aguas de Alcázar, the company that is now once again publicly owned in the management of the water cycle. It involves its remunicipalisation after the municipal government of the PP approved in 2014 an administrative contract for the public-private management of the provision of the hydraulic service.

“Collective success” of the remunicipalisation of water in Alcázar de San Juan

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With this signature, the liquidation procedure of that contract ends, which began on January 15, 2021 with the agreement of the municipal plenary session after years of fighting in the courts. “At last I can say that Aguas de Alcázar is one hundred percent public. And that this government team has fulfilled what it promised: to give back to the people what belongs to the people ”, the mayor stressed.

Rosa Melchor wanted to remember that after a “terrible” year 2020, marked by COVID-19, however, a “hopeful” 2021 for Alcázar de San Juan began with the Supreme Court ruling confirming that the sale of Aguas de Alcázar was a “purely ideological and political” operation, marked “by haste and bad manners”. But he has said that thanks to those mistakes “made by the PP government, in the process we have been able to recover it.” He has referred with this to the fact that the High Court annulled the agreement adopted in the plenary session of July 24, 2014 by means of which the ‘popular’ allowed the mixed management of water.

With this act, therefore, culminate, “months of work without truce”, of intense negotiations, until reaching an agreement with the private partner, so that the residents of Alcázar “could see the expected recovery of the water company come true. without suffering any deterioration in the provision of the service ”.

On such an important day for this city, Rosa Melchor wanted to look back to remember and thank all the people who have made it possible. “In the first place, to the thousands of neighbors who mobilized and raised their voices in the Plaza de España against the PP government that sold it, who like me locked themselves in the City Hall to protest a sale that is clearly unfair , to the councilors of the Municipal Socialist Group of Alcázar de San Juan, Gonzalo Redondo, Ana Belén Tejado who, in addition to the one presented by me and throughout this struggle, have signed the different resources, and to those who wrote and presented them. To all of them and to all of them, thank you ”.

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