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The wayward councilors of Más Madrid are left in limbo

Dissidence is taking its toll on the four councilors who broke with Más Madrid. The councilors Marta Higueras, José Manuel Calvo, Luis Cueto and Felipe Llamas have been in limbo for four months. They continue to be officially part of the municipal group but do not have representation in the commissions or voice to present initiatives after separating from their group with harsh accusations against the leader, Rita Maestre, in mid-February. Only an unexpected decision brought them back to visibility last week. The councilors are willing to negotiate support for the new Central Madrid of the Government of José Luis Martínez-Almeida, a decision that would separate them for the first time in a vote from their former colleagues.

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The ordago surprised in the ranks of Más Madrid and also the municipal government itself, which did not have that trump card as an alternative. The councilors who broke the municipal group are four, the same representatives that Vox has. The PP assumes that the support of the latter is almost impossible since they have championed the “end of the prohibitions” and remember from time to time the mayor who took the baton with the promise of “ending Central Madrid”.

The roadmap of the dissenting councilors, and grouped around the Recupera Madrid platform, was always to form a new mixed group in the City Council. It was the only way that guaranteed them minimal visibility and economic resources to engage in politics outside of Más Madrid.

But at the moment they do not have them all with them: the Madrid City Council initially endorsed that the councilors form a mixed group, but the resolution was appealed by Más Madrid and the president of the Plenary, Borja Fanjul, declined, accepted the appeal and suspended its creation . However, he never came to pronounce on the merits of the matter and left the matter sleeping the sleep of the just. Negative administrative silence.

The councilors resorted to the ordinary justice trusting that the courts would remove them from limbo but they were not successful either. Municipal sources confirm that the judge denied the very precautionary and also the precautionary ones. “Our ability to participate is nil,” laments one of the councilors while waiting for a statement on the merits of the matter. That can take months.

This situation makes it difficult for councilors to skip the voting discipline of the group. Now they have the vote delegated to the spokesperson, Rita Maestre. Their position can only differ from the group if the absolute majority of the Plenary, at the proposal of one of the parties with representation, grants the vote by show of hands. The councilors led by Marta Higueras have already tried with the medals to Manuela Carmena and Ana Botella. They showed their discrepancy with the decision of Más Madrid to support an institutional recognition of the former mayor of the PP, but all groups except the PSOE voted against voting by name.

The tensions between the minority party that decided to separate and Más Madrid are still latent, although the split avoids the labor friction that they had dragged on for months and were already unsustainable. The group’s spokeswoman, Rita Maestre, placed them “out” of the team a few hours after they announced their breakup. The former demanded their autonomy after deciding to stay out of the organic construction of Más Madrid while the majority conspired against the disloyalty of the dissenters, often aired in the media.

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