Friday, June 9

The White House monitors possible protests after Trump’s appeal to his supporters if they arrest him on Tuesday

The White House has affirmed this Sunday that it is monitoring the emergence of possible protests after saying Donald Trump that he was going to be arrested this Tuesday and calling on his followers to complain about it.

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“We always control the situation as best we can. And obviously we don’t want there to be violence, certainly not to the extreme of what we saw on January 6”, referring to the assault on the Capitol in 2021, one of the spokesmen for the US Presidency, John Kirby, said on Fox. .

Trump is being investigated by the New York Prosecutor’s Office for paying $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels to allegedly silence a sexual relationship and assured on Saturday that he will be arrested on Tuesday in the context of these investigations.

His message called for protest and used rhetoric reminiscent of the one he used in the days before the assault on the Capitol, when he had also called on his supporters to demonstrate against the results of the elections in which he was defeated by Democrat Joe Biden. .

“We are monitoring this and of course we will monitor it closely,” Kirby has said of these eventual protests, stressing that they work “hand in hand” with local and state authorities throughout the country.

Trump has said he was basing his information on “illegal leaks from a corrupt and highly politicized Manhattan District Attorney’s office that has enabled new records for violent crime to be set and whose leader is financed by (billionaire) George Soros.”

Steven Cheung, a Trump spokesman, in any case, said Saturday that the former president has not yet received any official notification from the prosecution, while Susan Necheles, one of his lawyers, has confirmed that his words about an arrest are based in press reports that have appeared in recent days.

According to several US media, the New York authorities and law enforcement have been preparing to guarantee security in court in the event that the tycoon is accused, something that they believe could happen as early as next week.

This case would mark the first indictment for the former US president and could upend the 2024 presidential race, in which Trump remains one of the top Republican contenders.

The investigation, which has spanned nearly 5 years, covers hush money to Daniels during Trump’s 2016 election campaign and appears to center on the Trump Organization’s falsification of business records over how the refund was included in the former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, who said he advanced the money to the woman.

Trump accuses Biden of having a role in the investigation

The former president accused his successor, Joe Biden, this Sunday of being involved in the investigation against him by the Manhattan Prosecutor’s Office.

“Biden wants to pretend he has nothing to do with the Manhattan DA’s assault on democracy when, in fact, he has ‘filled’ the DA’s office with people from the Department of Justice,” has said on his social network, Truth Socialthe same one from which he announced his eventual arrest on Saturday and from which he urged the protest.