Monday, September 26

The White House tries to prevent the war with an information bombing

Washington correspondent



In an unusual strategy of announcing the war, in what appears to be an attempt to prevent it, the White House has spent days in a campaign of total transparency on Intelligence that he is amassing about Vladimir Putin’s intentions with Ukraine. This very Sunday, the US President’s National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, told an interview marathon that he is convinced Russia may invade “any day” at a serious “cost in lives.” These top officials usually reserve appearances on three of the big Sunday morning shows, this time on ABC, NBC and FOX, when they want to make a clear message that Putin’s brawl is serious.

According to Sullivan, the invasion could happen “as soon as tomorrow.” [por este lunes] or it could take a few weeks,” adding that Putin “has put himself in a position with military deployments to be able to act aggressively against Ukraine anytime”.

“If this war breaks out, it will have a huge human cost for Ukraine, but it will also have a strategic cost for Russia,” he said.

White House revelations about the Russian crisis – many of them leaked anonymously to US media – have been abundant since late last year. First, the US Government said that the troops gathered in front of Ukraine were 100,000. Then, that the Kremlin planned to invent a fake Ukrainian attack to victimize itself and falsely justify an invasion. More recently, Putin was waiting to return from his recent trip to China to make a decision. All this, of course, always with the addition that any prediction is subject to what the Russian autocrat decides, and that there is no absolute certainty of invasion.

The penultimate episode of these leaks occurred on Saturday, when the US administration shared reports it had previously given to its European partners and to legislators on Capitol Hill, including its most recent estimate of the Ukrainian crisis: Russia has amassed on its own borders and those of Belarus 83 battalions with about 750 soldiers each. This is an increase of 23 battalions in just two weeks. They are, according to the US military estimate, 70 percent of the forces Putin needs to successfully invade Ukraine. Those 62,200 soldiers are joined by several thousand more in support and cover work, until reaching the 100,000 that the US presidency itself spoke of at the end of 2021.

The US president himself spent a lot of time warning of this impending war in his January 19 press conference. “Of course you have to worry. when a nuclear power invades, if it invades at all, which is something that hasn’t happened since World War II. This will be the most important thing that ever happened in the world [desde entonces]» said the president.

Coordinated Strategy

Not only the White House has participated in this strategy of announcing the war, but also the Pentagon and US diplomacy, through their spokesmen, overwhelming reporters with an overwhelming amount of information. On Thursday afternoon, the spokesman for US diplomacy, Ned Price, said that the US has evidence that «Putin intends to launch an invasion in the coming weekss, although size and scale are unclear.” And he gave the detail that Russia is even manufacturing a disinformation video about a false attack in Ukraine: «A possible option that the Russians are considering involves the production of a propaganda video, a video with scenes of false explosions, which shows corpses , actors pretending to be hurt. Pentagon spokesman, John Kirbymade similar statements.

And those are the high officials or spokespersons who refer to this crisis and its details from the lectern of their respective ministries. Another very common practice in Washington since the Trump era is conferences, almost all by telephone, in which senior officials or spokespersons offer more details but under condition of anonymity. In one of them, also on Thursday, another representative of the Biden Administration gave the press even more details of that alleged Russian provocation with the already famous video. According to that source, the Russians would use military equipment similar to what Ukraine possesses, including a key weapon supplied by NATO member Turkey, to bolster the credibility of a fake attack. That weapon is the Turkish-made Bayraktar drones, already used by Ukraine against pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass region.

This US strategy has caused friction with some European partners, who interpret that Biden is trying to force their hand in his strategy of agreeing to harsh sanctions, and also with the Ukrainian government itself, who has complained in various ways about what he considers unnecessary alarmism. According to the Ukrainian president, Volidímir Zelenski, in several conversations with local and international media, the Russian threat is permanent in Ukraine, and is not limited to a possible invasion, which is always a real risk, but to its intention to absorb everything the country as it did in 2014 with the Crimean peninsula.

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