Monday, July 4

The widow of the president of Haiti blames his murder on “mercenaries” of his political rivals



Martine Moise, widow of the Haitian president Jovenel Moïse, has broken his silence this Saturday to accuse “mercenaries” linked to political rivals for the murder of the president last Wednesday.

“I am alive, but I lost my husband,” said Martine Moïse through an audio posted on social networks before recounting how the “mercenaries” broke into his home and shot the president without saying a word.

“Jovenel Moise was murdered without being able to say a single word,” he denounced, while pointing out that the murder “came from the opposite camp.” “The mercenaries had the task of assassinating the president and his family for their emblematic projects in roads, drinking water, referendum and elections,” he reproached.

“The mercenaries assassinated the president, other mercenaries want to kill his dream and his vision of the country,” he said.

Martine Moïse received up to three bullet wounds during the attack. She was treated in a Haitian hospital for first aid and later she was transferred to the United States to receive more specialized medical care.

Moise was killed in an attack perpetrated early Wednesday morning on his private residence.

The Haitian Police have reported the arrest of a total of 19 people related to Moïse’s murder, 17 of whom are Colombian. Thus, after these new arrests, of the total of the command responsible for the murder, made up of around 28 people, only six more people are being searched since three Colombian suspects were killed.

Regarding the hypotheses about the murder of Moïse, Former Haitian Senator Steven Benoit has questioned the participation of Colombian citizens in the event and has pointed to Moïse’s security agents as responsible for the murder.

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