Monday, October 18

The winner of the award for the best bread in Paris, vetoed by Macron for his messages against France

The winner of the latest edition of the contest for the best baguette in Paris will not become the baker of the Elysee, as is customary, after he was accused through social networks of having sent messages against France.

French Presidency sources cited by Le Parisien They indicate that they have not contacted the baker and that it is not automatic that the winner of that contest becomes the supplier of the Elysee.

But until now that custom was scrupulously respected. The competition, organized by the association of bakers of the French capital, had as an added prize to become the president’s baker.

On this occasion the winner was Makram Akrout, a 23-year-old young man of Tunisian origin who spent six years in France without papers, until his job in a bakery in the 12th district of the capital allowed him to regularize his situation and succeed in the prestigious competition . A story of integration that politicians and observers praised, but that took a turn when, through social networks, the news began to spread that Akrout had not always been kind to the country that welcomed him.

“France promotes and propagates the decadence of our countries to protect its colonialist interests and pushes us to move away from religion and Islamic values,” the baker said on his Facebook page, according to screenshots released by the networks.

“We cry for Charlie Hebdo and for Notre Dame but on the side of France, those dogs do not cry when they mock the master of creation, Allah”, appeared in another.

The baker’s Facebook page was closed, while he denied the veracity of those messages.

Through his lawyer, he claimed to have filed a complaint for the dissemination of these falsehoods and accused extreme right-wing groups of organizing a “nauseating” campaign against him because of his immigrant origins.

A version that does not seem to have convinced the Elysee, who has given up on becoming his supplier.

There were also doubts in the Paris City Council, which asked the Prefecture for an investigation into the veracity of the messages before the mayor, Anne Hidalgo, awarded the award in the traditional ceremony this weekend during the feast of bread that takes place. on the esplanade of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Given the controversy generated, Akrout resigned to attend that party.

The organizers of the contest assure that the jury blindly tasted the different baguettes, 122 in the last edition, in front of the messages of the social networks that indicate that the last five winners are of Tunisian origin.

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