Sunday, January 16

The women’s and men’s soccer teams in Sweden will have the same conditions

The Swedish Football Federation has reached an agreement with the women’s and men’s national teams that establishes the same conditions and compensation for both. It is the first time that the association negotiates jointly with both teams and the pact will include advances in insurance for both maternity and paternity and injuries.

According to the federation, the compensations were already equal, but for the first time both teams will have a single agreement with the same conditions. The agreement will be in force until 2024. It does not include the bonuses that are charged for participating in the Eurocup or the World Cup, which depend on UEFA and FIFA and maintain gender differences.

The captains of the women’s and men’s teams have celebrated the advance. “I am happy to have reached an agreement that gives both national teams good conditions that allow us to give everything on the field,” said Victor Nilsson-Lindelöf, leader of the men’s team. Caroline Seger, who leads the women’s race, has also indicated her “joy” for going one step further on the road to having the best possible conditions “to be successful on the field”.

The secretary general of the federation, Håkan Sjöstrand, has recognized that in the teams there were difficulties to reconcile paternity and maternity with participation in the national teams. “Unfortunately there are many players, especially the female, who are on short contracts, which increases the risk of going through difficult financial consequences if they suffer an injury when they do not have a club contract. Offering support in the upbringing and ensuring that players are covered by insurance we hope we can make things easier for our players if an accident occurs. ”

He has also welcomed an agreement that establishes “good conditions for future negotiations” and is “one more step” to give the players of the national team “the best possible conditions on and off the field.” “The players have contributed constructively and the dialogue has passed in a positive spirit”, as explained Sjöstrand in the press release issued by the federation.

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