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The woolly mammoth became extinct because of man, according to study | Digital Trends Spanish

The woolly mammoth may have disappeared much earlier than previously thought. And its extinction would have occurred due to the action of man, according to the study published by a group of scientists from Denmark and Australia.

This research reveals that humans used the woolly mammoth as a source to obtain “meat, skins, bones and ivory,” according to Professor Damien Fordham, who led the study. Fordham also adds that humans were key to the population of these particular mammoths disappearing.

To reach this conclusion, both fossils and DNA of ancient animals were used, as well as computational models that allowed “to identify the mechanisms and threats that led to the extinction of the woolly mammoth,” says Fordham.

Woolly mammoths were believed to have become extinct due to climate change, and that humans had simply been responsible for delivering the coup de grace to an endangered species.

But these new data refute that idea. And not only that, they also indicate that woolly mammoths could have survived the temperatures of the Arctic for “thousands of years longer than expected”, if they had inhabited places with a low presence of humans.

The extinction process of these animals was not limited, but lasted for several millennia. The research concludes that humans were responsible for various threats to both mammoths and megafauna in Europe and Asia during the late Pleistocene.

Either way, the woolly mammoth may have a second chance in history. Today, the company called Colossal has put a task within reach of its name: reviving the woolly mammoth. To do this, they will use the genes of the African elephant and, if everything goes as expected, in a few years they will have sired the first offspring.

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