Friday, February 3

The word ‘micromachismo’ enters the dictionary of the RAE

What is not named does not exist, says the quote attributed to George Steiner. As of today, everyday sexist behaviors, normalized – and justified, by their perpetrators – come into existence in the dictionary of the Royal Academy (RAE). The term ‘micromachismos’ is included in the 23.6 update of the Dictionary of the Spanish language (DLE), along with other usual terms such as ageism, conspiracy, ruralize either panettone.

The RAE does not include the word ‘heteropatriarchy’ in its new dictionary


Coined by the psychiatrist Luis Bonino, the word micromachismos alludes to ‘low intensity’ behaviors of control and dominance “naturalized, legitimized and invisible that are carried out with impunity, with or without awareness of it”. Since 2014, that term has given its name to an blog, in which these macho attacks that have not always (or almost never) received attention are made visible.

“The micromachismos are not micro because they are small or unimportant, but because they are daily, because they are normalized and naturalized, because they are often justified and legitimized. The sexual assaults that women suffer are of many types and I would say that many of them are micromachismos,” wrote Ana Requena, editor-in-chief of gender at, in an entry on that blog.

More than 3,000 novelties

Unlike the academies of other languages, the Spanish one does not prescribe which words enter the dictionary, but rather describes the words used by the speakers of the language. These enter the DLE when their use becomes common. The work, on this occasion, is updated on this occasion with 3152 novelties, “among which are not only new additions of terms, but also amendments to already existing articles and deletions”, they point out from the RAE in a press release.

Among the new words we find ageismdefined as ‘discrimination based on age, especially of the elderly or elderly’ and also the term gap as ‘difference or distance between situations, things or groups of people, especially due to the lack of union or cohesion’. Also, they remember from the RAE, the definitions of disability and racism have been reviewed and modified.

The RAE also recalls that this update includes proposals presented by the writer and academic Javier Marías, who died this year: “The addition to the term translational of the meaning ‘belonging to or relating to translation’, a job that the Madrid academic held professionally and which was one of his passions, carried out with mastery. The author of heart so white He also proposed the incorporation of the voices hagioscope Y ensuedwhich are also added to the dictionary in its 23.6 update.


In addition, the RAE recognizes that the term birding refers to bird watching and not just hunting them, as was the case up to now. He also adds meanings for the word ‘pajarera’, said of a person who is fond of birds, especially observing them in their natural environment. The Spanish Ornithological Society, SEO/Birdlife, requested more than six years ago that the most widely used meaning be recognized, “which has been a reality in the field for a long time,” according to this organization. in a press release.

Glossary with additions: