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The world’s favorite original series and movies on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney + and Netflix | Digital Trends Spanish

retail SimpleGhear conducted a study to compile a list of the most popular original series and movies worldwide on streaming platforms such as Amazon-Prime, AppleTV, Disney+ Y Netflix.

Methodology used by SimpleGhear:

“To create these tables, we first gathered lists of all Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney+, and Netflix originals from Wikipedia, excluding upcoming shows and movies, as well as reality shows, documentaries, stand-ups, and podcasts. Co-productions and sequels were also discounted. We then translated titles into multiple languages ​​using interlingual links from Wikipedia. Finally, we use the Ahrefs tool to isolate the movie with the highest number of monthly searches in each country. We remove entries with less than 1,000 monthly searches.

Some key findings found:

  • Netflix original series, Squid Gameproved to be the most popular TV show overall, topping search data on126 countries.

  • Black Widow Disney + is the most searched movie in 99 countrieswhich shows the value of Marvel.

  • CODA surpassed Apple TV +, as the most searched movie in 71 countries.

  • The Amazon Original Action Movie single, The Tomorrow War, It is the most searched movie in 61 countries.

Most popular series in the world:

Most popular movies in the world:

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