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The World’s Largest Nerf Shoots Darts Over 50 mph | Digital Trends Spanish

Mark Rober set a record by making the world’s largest Nerf gun in 2016, which was capable of launching foam projectiles at 40 miles per hour. But now Michael Pick has taken the achievement away from Rober, as he has created a huge rifle that can even shred a soda can.

It is not known whether technically the “new larger pistol” exceeds the size of Rober’s device, because they appear to be roughly the same scale.

However, Pick chose a much larger model to start with: the Nerf Icon Longshot CS-6. Its replica measures almost four meters and is approximately 300 percent larger than the original toy.

The main body is made of wood, but includes various 3D printed details to make it look like a Nerf rifle. In total, this weighs more than 90 kilos and it takes at least two people to move it.

The darts are made of a PVC tube that are surrounded by pieces of floating pool bars. And finally, at the top they have a 3D printed piece to give it the distinctive touch of Nerf foam bullets, its orange tip.

It also uses a 3000 PSI paintball air tank connected to an Arduino Pro Mini that controls the trigger and air valves. So you can fire your custom bullets at 50 miles per hour.

With the tank pressurized at just 40 PSI, the gun manages to easily smash a target such as a coffee cup, plus it can fly more than 300 feet in the open.

But when pressurized to its maximum 80 PSI, this massive weapon has enough power to directly pierce a sheet of drywall with its darts, which can even break a cinder block on impact. It is definitely not a toy for children.

Mark Rober still has the record of the largest Nerf gun in the world, but according to Pick, the process for him to snatch it “is pending.”

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