Friday, August 12

The Xbox Museum is a virtual journey or a metaverse? | Digital Trends Spanish

To celebrate Xbox’s new anniversary, Microsoft released what they call Xbox Museum, a kind of virtual universe (or perhaps a metaverse?) in which milestones of the two decades of their consoles can be traversed.

The museum is visited directly in the browser, using an avatar and moving it with the keyboard as if it were a character in a video game. And curious data are also given, such as, for example, that in the middle of the year 2000 Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo, before finally creating the first console as such.

The Xbox 360 section is one of the most striking because it does not dodge one of the gravest moments in all of Xbox history: the red ring of death (or RROD for the acronym in English) that affected the console and that caused that practically all the first wave of Xbox 360 were retired due to a design error that, sooner or later, fried them internally.

Despite the RROD, the Xbox 360 was one of Microsoft’s most successful consoles and the one that helped Xbox to establish a position as the third manufacturer that would come to directly dispute the market with Nintendo and PlayStation.

The museum also displays information on the activities of users over time: the first Xbox they had, the first time they logged into Xbox Live, the number of achievements obtained, the most played titles per year and a long etcetera that can be reviewed in this virtual universe.

Undoubtedly, the Xbox virtual museum is a remarkable idea to learn about the history of Xbox in broad strokes and not only in terms of successes but also of failures, such as the closure of Xbox Entertainment Studios or the aforementioned red ring of the Xbox 360.

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