Sunday, December 4

The Xunta announces a tax reduction of 46 euros for average incomes compared to the 4,400 euros that the rich will save

The main announcement that the president of the Xunta saved for his extraordinary appearance this Tuesday in the Galician Parliament was related to fiscal policy: a reduction in the regional section of personal income tax on income of up to 35,000 euros. It will be forty-six million euros and, according to Galician government sources, it will affect one million taxpayers, who will save 46 euros per year. The measure is added to the one adopted last week, it is aimed at some 7,700 people with an average wealth of six million euros: these will stop contributing 4,415 euros per year to the regional coffers, a total of 34 million euros. Alfonso Rueda defended his reforms with his refrain of recent months: “Less taxes and more welfare is possible.”

The PP runs aground on the inconsistency of alarming with the debt and lowering taxes on the rich

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Rueda came to the camera to make an unprecedented appearance. She wanted to explain the “strategic lines and fundamental orientations” of the public accounts. She did so without handing over any documents to the opposition, which was faced with almost 50 minutes of figures and notices that they did not know. “It’s a rigged debate, he comes to Parliament to give a press conference,” the leader of the BNG, Ana Pontón, made him ugly. The socialist Luis Álvarez went so far as to point out that the seats of the PP did have informative papers. The fact is that the Galician president clung to his speech on tax cuts and the presumed “proper path” of the community in this regard. Which consists of the aforementioned reduction in the regional section of personal income tax -4.1% on income of up to 35,000 euros-, the benefit to high net worth, or the consideration for tax purposes of families with two children under 25 years of age like large families.

“How little they like to lower taxes,” Rueda snapped at BNG and the Socialist Party in the first of the two replicas with unlimited time available to him – the parties on the left were able to speak for a total of 15 minutes each. According to Feijóo’s substitute, “in Galicia taxes can be lowered and public services maintained and improved.” He didn’t finish explaining how. Of course, the PP spokesman in the Hemicycle, Pedro Puy, was in charge of recalling that the central government will not contribute funds to free nursery schools, announced by Feijóo in December 2021 and underway since this course. It will cost 41 million euros. Rueda’s tax rebates reach, according to his own figures, 150 million.

Pontón spoke clearly, in reference to the 50% bonus in the wealth tax, a fiscal hit and, like the socialist Álvarez, listed the social policies that could cover the 34 million that will stop entering public accounts 7,700 rich: doctors, teachers or 12,000 social rent subsidies. “The PP has argued this tax cut for the rich as ‘a help to make ends meet’. You have to have nerve! ”, he was indignant. “With the problems that exist in pediatrics [en referencia a la carencia de estos facultativos en la sanidad pública], is not even enough to pay for a private consultation a year. Hire more pediatricians,” he added.

The PSdeG spokesman also mentioned health problems, with complaints from unions, medical colleges or patients who perceive primary care on the verge of collapse. “Refuse to apply the wealth tax reduction. The Galicians reject it. I could hire 500 doctors,” he stated. Alfonso Rueda had mentioned the issue, to exculpate the successive regional cabinets of the PP and hold the central Executive responsible for the fact that there are no doctors. The 2023 accounts, he anticipated, will include 215 million more in the health item: for technology, to reduce waiting lists and to articulate “innovative solutions” for chronic patients. The personnel deficit was endorsed by Sánchez, despite the fact that the powers are exclusive to the Xunta.