Wednesday, July 6

The Xunta de Galicia will ask that masks remain mandatory on the terraces and in any outdoor activity without a distance of 1.5 m

Just a few hours from the Interterritorial Health Council, which, this Wednesday afternoon, will address the end of the mandatory nature of masks, Alberto Núñez Feijóo has announced his government’s proposal: citizens can dispense with it outdoors always and when you keep a distance of one and a half meters from other people. On the terraces of the bars, however, the mask must be mandatory. Whether the measure is activated depends in any case on the meeting this afternoon and the decision of the Council of Ministers called for Thursday.

Feijóo buries his apocalyptic predictions about the end of the state of alarm and opens the political war of masks

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The Galician president spoke the day after the meeting of the clinical committee that advises him and also did so to clarify the “global review of the gauges” announced two weeks ago as a result of the fall in the incidence of the coronavirus in Galicia. The review has been specified in nine points that expand the possibility of occupation of all types of establishments and activities.

This is the case of places of worship, academies, libraries, zoos or aquariums, which goes from 50 to 75%. The funerals will be allowed to attend 50 people, until now there were 25. The nightlife will open from July 1, although Feijóo did not know what time it was and referred to a meeting with industry associations this afternoon. In urban transport, up to a third of its capacity for standing passengers may be covered. Physical contact sports or dance are re-enabled. All the civil servants of the autonomic administration recover the face-to-face work. The hospitality terraces can be used 100% as long as there is a meter and a half between tables, and it can be ordered and served in the bars, but not consumed in them. And the leisure or children’s areas of the shopping centers open again.

Feijóo reported the new situation when the cumulative incidence of the virus in the community is 21.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days. Active cases are 1,269, of which 13 correspond to patients admitted to intensive care units and 36 to hospitalized on the ward. The pandemic has so far caused 2,434 deaths in Galicia. “The end of the tunnel remains, we have not yet left the tunnel,” ordered the president of the Xunta, who, however, recalled that the more than one million immunized enable him to “advance in the de-escalation.”

It was after exposing that context when Feijóo explained his executive’s proposal to initiate the removal of the mask. He took the idea – “our experts have been advocating for weeks not to force the mask to be worn outdoors” – and criticized that the central government had also announced it last week. And in one of his favorite rhetorical pirouettes, he accused others of making “political proposals” while he made them “clinical and health”. The Xunta will thus carry its idea that masks are no longer mandatory outdoors if there is a meter and a half of distance with other people. Which, despite the reluctance of the Galician president, basically coincides with what was stated by the central Executive.