Thursday, September 29

The Xunta places one of the senators who left his seat to cede it to Feijóo in the Casa de Galicia in Madrid

The post of director of the Casa de Galicia in Madrid had been vacant since the death of José Ramón Ónega in office in February last year. The vacancy has just been filled: the Xunta has elected Juan Serrano, one of the two senators who resigned in May so that their seats in the upper house would be occupied by the new secretary of Territorial Organization of the PP, Miguel Tellado, and Alberto Núñez Feijóo, recently elected leader of the party and in search of a platform from which to debate directly with Pedro Sánchez.

The number three of the Xunta defends that giving a position to the senator who left her seat to Feijóo is not “a change of cards”

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The other senator who had to leave her seat, Elena Muñoz, had already found a place among the senior officials of the Xunta a few days after making her resignation effective. Muñoz, who was Minister of Facenda with Feijóo, joined the second line after the movement, as General Secretary of the Second Vice Presidency. The decision was made at the Council of the Xunta on May 19. In the subsequent press conference, the Galician president, Alfonso Rueda, did not include this issue, which did appear in the reference that was subsequently distributed to the media and made public on the website.

Now the Xunta has informed of the appointment through a press release in the middle of the Friday before the August bridge. In the text, the Galician Government recalls the 10-year period in which Serrano was mayor of Portomarín (Lugo) and highlights among his merits that he has “extensive knowledge of the Camino de Santiago and Xacobeo”. Serrano assures, according to the note, that his goal is for the Casa de Galicia in Madrid to be “a portal of the Xunta for all of Spain” and a “meeting point for Galicians” and emigrated Galicia.

When the appointment of Elena Muñoz became known, the second vice president, Diego Calvo, defended that the movements to make room for Feijóo and Tellado in the Senate and the subsequent election of the former senator for a position in the Xunta did not constitute “a change of trading cards ” or a “compromise”.

As a piece of a Xunta delivered in this holy year to the promotion of Xacobeo, despite the criticism that has arisen in Santiago de Compostela, the new director of the Casa de Galicia in Madrid points out that one of the fundamental axes of his work will be the tourist promotion of the community and the diffusion of the Jacobean routes that lead to the Galician capital.