Wednesday, August 4

The Xunta plans new limits to the meetings of people to stop the escalation of COVID infections

The Xunta de Galicia prepares new restrictions to deal with coronavirus infections, but tries to avoid closing nightlife and prohibiting mass concerts this summer. The President of the Galician Government advances that Galicia will back down to once again restrict the number of people who can meet, both outdoors and indoors. The current limit is 15 people outdoors. Along the same lines, the vice president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, said this morning at the Europa Press ‘Tourism Forum’ that the Galician executive is outlining new health measures to try to make nightlife compatible with the current epidemiological situation. The main proposals being considered are the reduction of capacity in all nightlife spaces and the realization of more PCRs prior to more massive events such as the concerts that are planned for the remainder of the summer in Galicia.

Alerted by macro outbreaks such as the one that originated in the student trip to Mallorca, the first vice president of the Xunta has assured that the health situation is the Galician government’s priority, but that he will try to make it compatible with nightlife and mass events as far as possible .

Despite the significant increase in infections in some areas of Galician territory, the vice president has said that he prefers to wait for the decisions made by the clinical committee that advises the Xunta and that meets during the afternoon of this Tuesday. Referring to economic and emotional reasons, Rueda has affirmed that the Xunta will try to maintain tourist activity, since they hope that in 2021 the number of pilgrims visiting Galicia will reach 100,000.

Feijóo foresees more restrictive measures for the coming weeks

For his part, the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has advanced that the clinical committee will review the model of restrictions and anticipates that they will reduce the maximum number of people that can meet outdoors and indoors. Currently, the maximum allowed is 15 people in business terraces dedicated to the hospitality industry.

The increase in cases detected daily in Galicia has reached the figure of 700. For this reason, the clinical committee is developing a new formula that accommodates the restrictions to the current situation of the pandemic. The experts who advise the Galician government are working on a new method that calculates income and infections in a different way than when there was not such an advanced vaccination and cases of coronavirus meant an increase in hospital pressure.

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