Wednesday, November 29

The Xunta questions the manipulation in the CRTVG because the audience supports the informative orientation

The president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, has closed the circle on the constant complaints and judicial sentences that speak of information manipulation in the public media of Galicia and persecution of workers who do not follow political slogans. His argument is simple: if the audience is willing to consume a politically manipulated product, that manipulation does not exist.

Feijóo’s television 13 years later: freedom of expression violated, a law blocked and complaints of manipulation

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The exculpatory philosophy has emerged during an interview on Hora 25 of Cadena Ser this Friday. Rueda was the main guest in a program sponsored by the Xunta. Next to him, the journalist Manuel Jabois asked him about the protest that the CRTVG workers have been leading for more than 200 weeks, under the slogan “Black Venres.”

“In the end what we see is that the audience grows. There may be an opinion from the people who work there but there is also the opinion of the audience”, said Rueda when asked. No word on the latest final ruling that confirms the persecution that affects workers who resist following the political slogans imposed by the PP on radio and television under its control: “I know the arguments of the Black Fridays. I respect them. If it were as they paint it, the audience ratings would not be like this”.