Monday, September 20

The young man from Malasaña who reported the attack confesses to the Police that the injuries were consensual

The 20-year-old who denounced last Sunday that eight hooded men assaulted him in the doorway of his house, causing him serious injuries, has confessed to the Police that these injuries were consensual, report sources from the Ministry of the Interior.

The young man’s confession comes after the police had exposed him the gaps that his story offered and that not a single testimony or images of the cameras that focus on the area of ​​the complainant’s portal were found that would allow corroborating his complaint, they need police sources.

From the Interior they clarify that the police investigations continue as well as the open judicial procedure, since the Police had sent a report to the Courts of Plaza de Castilla.

The 20-year-old young man had stated that his attackers marked the word “fag” on his buttock with a knife, which the doctors who treated the complainant were able to verify. The existence of these injuries, accompanied by the testimony of the complainant, led to the opening of a report of hate crime, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of the Interior in this type of case.

Hate crime experts from the Provincial Information Brigade joined the investigations of the agents of the Central district police station in Madrid after the opening of the report with the number 3065959/21 on the afternoon-night of last Sunday.

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