Friday, January 21

The young man who simulated a homophobic aggression in Malasaña accepts a fine of 480 euros

The young man who falsely claimed to the Police that he had been the victim of a homophobic attack in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña has accepted a sentence in exchange for admitting that he lied. As reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid in a statement, the young man was called to testify as a defendant this Friday and, after acknowledging the facts, he has accepted a fine of 480 euros in a speedy trial.

The statement does not specify the crime attributed to him but he was charged at the time for simulating a crime.

The police investigation was revealed by last September. The National Police searched the streets of Malasaña looking for evidence of a brutal homophobic aggression reported by a young man: he claimed to have been assaulted in a portal by a group of hooded men who had engraved the word “fag” on his buttock and then ran away . The investigators did not find any proof and the young man ended up admitting that everything had happened within the framework of a consensual relationship and that he had lied to prevent his environment from knowing.

It was then that the case passed into the hands of the 52nd investigating court in Madrid, but not because of the possible assault but because of the young man’s lie. He was called today to testify for an illicit simulation of a crime that he himself has recognized. The process has then become a speedy trial and the young man has accepted a sentence, already firm, of 480 euros.

The case jumped into the public and political sphere before the young man acknowledged that the events had not occurred as he had reported at first. Various groups called a protest at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid to protest against homophobic aggressions, a call in which they maintained the existence of this type of aggression even though it was not true.

The President of the Government himself, Pedro Sánchez, publicly referred to the matter and also explained that the attacks on the LGTBI group had increased in number over the last few years.