Wednesday, December 8

The young woman thrown from the wall of Lugo leaves the ICU

The 23-year-old transsexual who was attacked in Lugo when allegedly being pushed by a man into the void from the city wall has left the intensive care unit of the Lucus Augusti University Hospital (HULA) and continues her recovery on the floor.

Concentrations in several Galician cities condemn the attack on a trans woman in Lugo

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The woman was admitted last Sunday to the critical unit of the center in serious condition, with a broken leg, several fractured vertebrae and a fractured wrist, indicates Europa Press. It was a person who was walking along the wall walkway at around 7:00 am who heard her call for help and notified the emergency services. She had been lying in an interior courtyard of some houses after supposedly a young man she had met hours before pushed her.

The young woman is still pending to give a statement, because her condition has prevented it until now. The alleged aggressor was arrested and later released, although he is being investigated for the crime of attempted murder. It has been imposed the obligation to appear weekly in court and the prohibition to approach the victim. The family pointed out that the motive for the aggression was transphobic and this weekend several concentrations have been organized in different cities of Galicia to condemn what happened.