Tuesday, September 28

Theater technicians move to mobilization in the street due to restrictions on access to public employment

On July 31, what has been considered the “largest public employment offer in history” (57 places for technical personnel) was published in the national theaters under the Ministry of Culture. After years of living on a temporary basis, most theater professionals who have been working with temporary contracts for a long time from the INEM job bank, have found it impossible to apply for fixed positions, since they have been trained in specialized centers and not with the VET qualifications that are now requested.

The councilors of public theaters without audiovisual FP will not be able to have a fixed place, even if they have decades of experience

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That is why the sector has announced mobilizations. The first will be a demonstration on Calle Alcalá in Madrid in the direction of the Teatro de la Zarzuela next Saturday, September 11 at 6:30 p.m., coinciding with the celebration of the Opera XXI Awards.

Councilors, illuminators, machinists, props, hairdressers … have joined in the Platform of Affected by the EPO 2018. The problem lies in the application, in a forced way and without granting the adaptation time demanded by professionals and trade unions, of the IV Single Agreement for the labor personnel of the General State Administration. This means that university graduates with master’s degrees, specific training in theater schools and experience for more than 20 years are not eligible for a fixed position for the same job that they have been carrying out from time to time, unless they have completed the specific vocational training that they are required to do. has been assigned by the Ministry of Public Function. “If the government wants to demand specific qualifications, that they create them”, they express from the Platform, which values ​​that the theater is being considered, at the labor level, as “the little brother of the audiovisual world”.

It so happens that, not in this call but for the following ones, the machinists need a qualification as a master fallero that is only taught in person in Valencia. Or, what does govern this year, that any FP is worth but not the specific training as a machinist that is taught in theater schools. “Someone who has, for example, a higher oral hygiene FP may come to our places, but I don’t,” said Rocío Gil Díaz, one of those affected, to this newspaper.

The Platform demands that work experience be recognized, as well as the non-approved training that is given at the Show Technology Center (which depends on the Ministry of Culture), at the ESTAE of the Institut del Teatre and at the Center for Scenic Training of Andalusia.


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