Tuesday, November 30

There are devastating comparisons



We have been saying for months that this is the most unusual electoral campaign in the history of the United States. And not only because of Covid-19, but also because the president who has been elected the oldest will come out of this race. Who could have imagined a couple of years ago that the Democrats would present the septuagenarian as an alternative Trump a man three years older than him? There have been almost no traditional electoral acts, the party conventions have only existed virtually, the debate last Tuesday was held without an audience in the room and, in case something was missing, now we have one of the two candidates sick, a victim of the pandemic and hospitalized Walter Reed military hospital. And, while it is true that many more survive the virus than succumb to it, Trump’s age and obesity are two very relevant factors.

It seems clear that although the president tested positive Thursday night, in Tuesday’s debate he had no symptoms of the disease. He was just as bully and harassing as ever. And that, at this point, may do you more harm than good. Trump did his best in the debate to create a division between Biden and the left wing of the Democratic Party. That left is on the rise and four years ago it did not give real support to Hillary Clinton with which the Democratic candidate lost votes without which it was impossible to win. At that time, the “Sandernists” preferred to let Trump win as a formula for Sanders to have a real option in 2020. Which could not have been if the White House were occupied today by a Democratic president. But at this point the hatred felt by all left-wing voters for Trump is immeasurable and they would vote for almost anyone who might have a chance to oust the current president.

One of the most glaring flaws in Trump’s strategy in the debate was not letting the Biden. The president’s strategists were very hopeful that Biden would commit one or more of his usual endless gaffes in the discussion. The amount of these skids that can be seen on the networks is huge. And he did those by reading a sheet of paper. So it was logical to assume that with the stress of a live confrontation I would commit many more. But Trump interrupted him so much that he wouldn’t let him finish the sentence and make a mistake. And in order to make a mistake, you must first be able to speak.

To date, Trump’s diagnosis of Covid-19 makes it unlikely that the next presidential debate can be held on October 15 – as planned – because it is still a date within the quarantine period. Of course, the two pending debates could be postponed for a few days, because the elections are not until November 3 and there is room for it. I suspect that Biden is going to be the one to argue that in these circumstances it is better not to debate and to avoid at least one of the confrontations. He has nothing to gain given his advantage in the polls. Although there is some other pretty good data for Trump. On Friday we learned that in the midst of the pandemic, in September the United States added 661,000 jobs, which left the unemployment rate at 7.9 percent. Compare with the 15.33 percent unemployment that we have in Spain according to the latest statistics from the Labor Force Survey. What if. It is evident that the Spanish do not vote in the North American elections. But if Americans were a little less ethnocentric and saw how countries run by friends of Biden are run, Trump would sweep. There are devastating comparisons.

Ramón Pérez-MauraRamón Pérez-MauraOpinion WriterRamón Pérez-Maura

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