Saturday, December 10

There is an enemy in ‘Diablo II Resurrected’ that we did not expect: a DRM that prevents offline play for more than 30 days

‘Diablo II: Resurrected’ can be played perfectly offline, with its legendary campaign and without the need to compete against other players. However, Blizzard has decided that this new version of Diablo incorporates a security system (DRM) in the console version.

through the account of Does it play? we learned of the presence of this DRM, being one of the first console titles that incorporates such a security system for a game where the online component is completely optional.

You can play offline, but force to connect to the internet every 30 days

The problem is simple: If you don’t connect to the internet in 30 days, an error will appear and it won’t let you play. For it to work, we simply have to register on Why? Basically it is due to the ‘DRM check’, a system that needs to have an internet connection and serves to verify that it is the officially purchased game.

Various users on Reddit They have confirmed that this error appears, but it is also recognized in the Blizzard support forums, where the solution is exposed. One that happens “simply” to connect to the network. This technical decision is in contrast to previous versions of Diablo, but was added in the remaster and was announced by the techs during a Q&A session.

All the Times They DRMed Something and It Gone Wrong: From Printer Chaos to CD Scandal

The presence of DRM in ‘Diablo II Resurrected’ It may just be the start of a trend, where developers and video game companies force users to be connected to the internet. In this case, not because of a synchronization attempt, nor do I support online gaming or any streaming functions, but directly to monitor and try to make sure that their intellectual property rights are not being infringed.

Force user to connect every 30 days also affects the use of mods. ‘Diablo II Resurrected’ has, for example, the mod gratuito “Single Player Enjoyment Modpack”, where we can gain experience faster, teleport to the city and improvements in objects.

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