Friday, June 9

There is no waiting to play Resident Evil 4: The Mercenaries | Digital Trends Spanish

Capcom has revealed when it will add The Mercenaries to its remake of resident evil 4. Fortunately, the wait isn’t that long, as the free DLC will be released on April 7th.

We learned that The Mercenaries was coming in two weeks thanks to a joke at the end of the launch trailer of the remake of resident evil 4. It doesn’t show any new gameplay or give any more details about the mode, it just shows a key piece of art with the release date of the free DLC. The mode was first teased at the end of the Resident Evil 4 trailer during State of Play in February.

This remade version of The Mercenaries hasn’t been seen in action yet, but we do know how it worked on the original. Unlocked after beating the main campaign Resident Evil 4 for the first time, The Mercenaries challenged players to earn as many points as possible in just a couple of minutes by killing enemies. The mode focused on third-person action gameplay Resident Evil 4, which was quite innovative upon release, encouraging players to get it right and rack up combos by killing enemies in quick succession. It also allowed players to unlock and play as other non-playable characters in the main story, including Ada Wong and Jack Krauser.

The remake of resident evil 4 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Mercenaries will be added as free DLC on April 7.

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