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There will be important changes in the Game Pass subscription | Digital Trends Spanish

As part of a settlement with UK regulatory authorities, Xbox will cancel and refund charges made on unused Game Pass and Xbox Live subscriptions.

You should also contact consumers who are subscribed to these services without using them, in order to inform them how to cancel. Those affected may request a proportional refund.

Measure, according to the newspaper The Indian Express, is part of a conciliation process with the United Kingdom Competition and Markets Office (CMA), which considered that Xbox offered facilities to subscribe to Game Pass and Xbox Live, but was not very proactive in informing about the process of cancellation.

According to the agency, this situation causes some users to continue paying for the service without even using it.

“Players must receive clear and timely information to make informed decisions around subscriptions and auto-renewing memberships,” the CMA said in a statement. “That is why we are pleased that Microsoft offered the CMA these actions in order to protect consumers, which even includes refunds for certain users,” the agency added.

Currently, the process of canceling a Game Pass subscription must be done from the Microsoft subscriptions page. Both in the Game Pass app for Android and iOS phones, as well as in the versions for Xbox and PC consoles, it is only possible to check the validity of the membership.

In accordance with The Indian Express, the measures will be implemented by Microsoft shortly globally.

Digital Trends in Spanish contacted the Xbox communication department in order to deepen the measure, but at the time of writing this note we did not receive a response.

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