Wednesday, May 25

There will be no Galaxy Z Flip Lite: Samsung would have canceled it | Digital Trends Spanish

If you’ve been waiting for the rumored Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite, the budget version of the popular foldable, we’ve got bad news.

According to Ross Young, a well-known analyst whose information is often accurate, the device will not be produced as it has been canceled. Young broke the news on your Twitter account when responding to a user asking for the device. It seems that the cause is the shortage of processors that has affected the industry throughout 2021. While Samsung has canceled this model, it is possible that it will launch some other foldable Lite models in the future, perhaps a version of the Galaxy Fold or the Galaxy Flip.

The Galaxy Z Flip Lite was expected to be a reduced version in both features and price of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. Some rumors indicated that although the design would be identical, this model would have a mid-range chipset like the Snapdragon 765G to lower the cost of the components, with less RAM and internal storage, as well as less advanced cameras.

Samsung would also have kept a flexible OLED main in this model and its price would be $ 1,000 dollars compared to the $ 1,500 dollars that the original costs. At the moment Samsung has not officially ruled on the cancellation of this product, although since it never officially announced it, it is possible that we do not have news regarding this matter from the manufacturer.

Samsung is not the only one affected by the shortage of components derived from the ongoing pandemic, some reports also suggest that the manufacture of the new MacBook Pro will depend on the arrival of chips that make up its logic board, and the production of the iPad of the screen availability, so there could be delays.

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