Friday, September 30

Thermomix warns of a “rare” incident that can cause burns in one of its models

Warning in the event of an incident that can cause burns. Vorwerk, manufacturer of Thermomix, has issued a public warning to its customers of a problem detected (although rare) in its kitchen robots in the Thermomix TM6 model, according to the multinational and the Europa Press agency.

The brand specifies that it has observed a “few cases” in the market in which an incident has arisen with this model when using the device. For this reason, Vorwerk has launched the warning to prevent possible damage in these isolated cases, until now, which has given problems of use in certain recipes, “in part also related to the excessive filling of the glass”, collects the news agency .

As the brand explains, in the Thermomix TM6, the beaker – which fits the lid – is designed so that enough steam can come out of the glass through the edges during the cooking processes. However, during cooking above 95ºC, the ingredients can float, compact and not let out steam.

As a result, “greater pressure can build up in the vessel in extremely rare cases, such that food suddenly begins to leak out in an uncontrolled manner, which can lead to burns.”

The company has specified that the “probability of something like this happening increases if the maximum recommended filling level of the food is exceeded.” The same applies in cases where a fixed mount TM6 cup is used with older generation devices, he added.

Solution to the incident detected

Vorwerk has stressed that it “guarantees the highest standards” of security for all its customers. “We are guided by the strict principle of acting proactively in order to rule out any possible damage,” he said.

In this way, the brand has explained that to cook (simmer) at temperatures of 95º or higher (200ºF), “the basket should always be placed instead of the TM6 cup, since the TM6 cup fits firmly to the top”. The basket rests freely on the lid, allowing steam to pass through and also preventing food from splashing out of the glass.

The company has explained that it is a “simple, but necessary measure that will hardly affect the cooking experience and will serve to prevent this possible problem,” reports Europa Press.

In addition, the firm has stressed that the recipes available in Guided Cooking have already been duly adapted to indicate the correct use actively in the Thermomix and the corresponding ‘software’ update for the Thermomix TM6 has also been implemented.