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These 13 White Elephant Gift Ideas Will Spice Up Your Party | Digital Trends Spanish

For most people, the gift exchanges known as “White elephantThey are a good excuse to get rid of unwanted gifts, but trust us: you will have a lot more fun if you unleash your inner imp. We already did and created this list of the best white elephant gifts the world has ever seen.

Haribo Gummy Bears Sugar Free

These candies are made with a type of artificial sweetener that some people get explosive diarrhea. We are not saying that it is a fact that your friends and co-workers will run to the bathroom, but… the possibility exists.

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This is a long-term gift. First, people will laugh and nostalgically remember the singing fish that won America’s hearts in late 1999. Then whoever receives the fish will excitedly press the button, listen to Billy’s songs a couple of times, and finish by placing it. in his desk. Then, for a few weeks, everyone in the office will have to listen. Take me to the river Y Don’t Worry Be Happy at least 12 times a day, wrapping the whole thing up with a hilarious meeting in the human resources office.

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A genius. Basically, they are customizable skins made of stretch fabric. You can put anyone’s face on them and wear it on your own face. It’s twisted and hilarious, and you will kill your co-workers with laughter… especially if you manage to make one with your boss’s face.

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What is it about disposable film cameras that makes people lose control? We don’t know, but they are a surefire way to make everyone behave their worst at the party. There is something about the fact that we are counting the photos we can take (and that we cannot see or erase what we just did) that seems to drive people to be flamboyant and misbehaved for the camera. It does not matter in whose hands this gift ends; it’s almost a given that all 27 photos from each camera will be finished before the party is over, and the resulting images will be terrifying and epic.

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For those of you unaware of ridiculously hot food trends, the Carolina Reaper is currently the hottest chili in the world. On average, these beauties score a whopping 1.64 million hotness on the Scoville scale, which means they’re roughly 656 times hotter than the average jalapeño. This beef jerky is full of this chili, and we guarantee that as soon as they open it up, the most macho in your office will stand up and offer himself as a guinea pig. But what the brave volunteer doesn’t know is that, unlike other spicy foods, this cannot be devoured and swallowed without chewing. You have to let it sit in your mouth for a while to soften, so it’s basically a given that this person will hate you.

Fireworks of questionable legality

The best thing about living in America is that everything is for sale all the time, including fireworks. Even if your state’s laws prohibit online ordering and out-of-state imports, it’s usually possible to get a few Roman candles, and with the right amount of rompope (with rum), hopefully your colleagues will start to think it’s a good idea. light a few in the parking lot.

The Christmas Fun Pack

Ingredients: A 40-ounce bottle of beer, a pack of Marlboro cigars, some Magnum condoms, a handful of small rockets, a pack of sugared donuts, a miniature American flag, and a roll of duct tape.

Instructions: Tape all the ingredients together in the most random way possible and wrap them in a tattered paper bag. With everything and the horrible presentation, this gift always pleases. Seeing who’s fighting over him will help you identify the funniest people in your office.

Shake Weight

Even though it’s a few years old, the Shake Weight is still one of the best joke gifts money can buy. Why? Because it makes anyone who wears it look like they’re training for the 2022 Porn Olympics. your phone close at hand to record the partner trying to try it after a few drinks.

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Do you remember VistaPrint? The company that sells cheap business cards? Turns out they also sell very cheap and fully customizable calendars. That means you can take one totally filled with all those selfies you took drunk with your cat last weekend, and then force someone to keep it on their desk for a year.

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Shock Potato Shock Potato is basically a modern reinvention of the classic children’s game known as the hot potato. The only difference is that instead of using an overheated tuber, you toss out a plastic pellet that will randomly deliver a powerful electric shock to an unfortunate person. Just make sure you leave out that buddy with a pacemaker… we don’t want the party to end in tragedy.

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We guarantee that nothing will spice up your boring party more than hearing your boss utter the phrase “testicular torsion” and then asking your hiring manager what it means. What brings people together more than a card game that encourages dirty and offensive humor?

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A t-shirt with your face

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, you can screen print your face on a T-shirt and have it delivered to your door in less than a week. The poor wretch who gets that gift, will do one of two things: wear it with pride or donate it to the nearest charity, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a t-shirt with your face on it!

It doesn’t matter that it’s not someone’s birthday; This card is a perfect way to stir things up at the holiday party. Once opened, the card will play an annoying “Happy Birthday” song at maximum volume until you destroy the speaker or drain the battery, whichever comes first. The battery lasts about three hours and is waterproof, so there will be no choice but to destroy or burn it.

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