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These 5 data confirm that 2021 was the year of TikTok | Digital Trends Spanish

Turning a crisis into an opportunity is one of the most popular maxims, but it is the one that best applies to TikTok, which after closing 2020 threatened by the Donald Trump government, 12 months later faces a scenario that not even the most optimistic would have foreseen. These Five data confirms that 2021 was the year of TikTok.

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Third social network in the world

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According to Sensor Tower, TikTok (including its sister app Douyin, in China) became the first mobile app that is neither games nor owned by Meta – read Facebook and Instagram – to reach 3 billion downloads worldwide on App Store and Google Play.

But that is not all. A report by the consulting firm Insider Intelligence – formerly known as eMarketer – ranked it as the third largest social network in the world, with a projection of 755 million users per month, behind Facebook (2.1 billion) and Instagram (755 million).

More exposure than YouTube

Although Snapchat is the direct competitor to TikTok in terms of audience, YouTube is the video platform par excellence. And in 2021 TikTok for the first time surpassed YouTube in terms of exposure, that is, users of the Chinese social network spent more time on average watching clips on the social platform than on Google.

The figures were collected in a report by the App Annie company, which estimated that in the United States, TikTok users spent more than 24 hours a month watching content online in June 2021, compared to 22 hours and 40 minutes that they did. those of YouTube. In other countries such as the United Kingdom, the differences are more marked: 26 hours compared to 16.

Most popular domain of 2021

The image shows the logo of the social network Tik Tok.
Shutterstock – which includes Maps, Translator, Photos, Flights, Books and News, among others – closed 2020 as the main domain in the world, while oscillated between the seventh and eighth position, according to a report by the consulting firm Cloudfare . However, the story was radically different in 2021.

The first advance took place on February 17, when the platform of Chinese origin took the first place for a day. The following month, he did it a few more times, just like in May. However, from August 10 he took the lead and held the top spot most days, especially in October and November.

Not only that. According to Cloudfare, TikTok also dethroned Facebook as the most popular social media web domain, that is, it got more internet traffic (public DNS, although Meta’s social network is still the platform with the most users in the world.

Led purchases between apps that are not games

TikTok would have already closed an agreement for its sale in the US

Another data that shows that 2021 was the year of TikTok are the transactions that were made through the platform.

According to Sensor Tower consultancyTikTok – including its Chinese version Douyin – was the non-gaming mobile app with the highest combined revenue on Android and iOS. The platform made $ 2 billion in revenue for the first 11 months of 2021, 67 percent more than the $ 1.2 billion it had posted in 2020.

It is estimated that the year will close it at $ 2.3 billion, bringing its historical revenue to $ 3.8 billion.

Everybody wants to be TikTok

The success of TikTok at the user level and in terms of income did not leave other social networks indifferent, which imitate a good part of its functions. Instagram, not content with having developed its own TikTok (Reels), during 2021 implemented multiple features that the world knew for the first time through the social network of Chinese origin.

But it was not the only one. First came YouTube Shorts, a version for short videos of Google’s platform similar to TikTok. Netflix also made an attempt. Even Spotify intends to implement functions of the Chinese application.

After so many knockoffs, it doesn’t seem strange that TikTok is returning the hand and implementing features like Disappearing Stories, which we first met on Snapchat, but which were popularized by Instagram.

What to expect for 2022

The image shows the icon of the social network TikTok.
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It is estimated that 2022 will be as positive as 2021. According to Insider Intelligence projections, TikTok’s share of the pie of social media users will exceed 20 percent for the first time (and it is estimated that it will reach 25 percent in 2024) .

According to Ted Kratz, CEO of App Annie, the growth of TikTok could quickly place it in the territory of billions of users, one that until now was only known to Facebook.

“We anticipate [que en TikTok habrá] 1,500 million monthly users on average in 2022, which would place it just behind Facebook and WhatsApp as the only other two with more users “, estimated Kratz in an interview with the podcast TechFirst.

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