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These are the 17 best tapas in Spain to celebrate World Tapas Day

On the occasion of World Tapas Day this June 16, we have made a compilation of the latest tapas competitions held in the autonomous communities to find your restaurant, chef and winning creation.

Although, unfortunately, most of its restaurants do not usually serve the winning tapa, you can enjoy the cuisine of its creators which, if it is similar to the level of its pinchos, promises to be an excellent gastronomic experience.

We miss Extremadura and Catalonia, where there are gastronomic routes such as The route of the Roman tapas of Mérida either Passeig de Gourmetsbut not contests. So, if you know of any tapas contests in these communities, leave them in the comments to complete the gastronomic map.

The most important nationwide

Creole Salbut: Triumph with a Mexican flavor: a tasty puffed pancake stuffed with pork and decorated with habanero mayonnaise and guacamole. He won XVII National Pintxos and Tapas Contest City of Valladolid: Alejandro San José, from the Valladolid restaurant Habanero Taqueria is its author.

Almadraba smoke: National Food Cover Award of Spain 2021 for Juan María Díaz, from the restaurant House of Marinos Uribe Kosta (in the Biscayan town of Plentzia) for this muffin filled with tuna stew, kimchi mayonnaise and coriander.

in the northern half

marine umami: of Nola Gras won in the XXV Zaragoza and province tapas contest, the oldest in Spain. A proposal by Alex Viñal of wonton pasta, kikos powder, tuna, pink tomato, katsuobushi, nori seaweed powder, mojama zest, lime perfume, wasabi peanut and roe.

̈Xeetox: The III Championship of Tapas and Pinchos of Castilla y León It has been held in Palencia this June 2022. The Xirex Special Coffee Bar has won with the ̈Xeetox pincho, a tripe stew in the form of a Cheetos trompe l’oeil, created by Ramiro Gutiérrez, who sums it up: It’s a pincho, simple, easy to make, rich, economical and profitable, it brings together everything that a pincho I think a should have.

octopus: I Galician Tapas Championship: Ruben Gonzalez, from The Cafetin, won the award last May in Pontevedra. She did it with Octopoda, a cover inspired by the kitchen of utilization and the Galician pulperías, reason for which all the parts of the octopus appear wrapped in a doll with regional costume.

Txingurri: XVI Euskadi and Navarra Pintxos Championship: Mitxel Suarez, of the Borda Berri grill in Álava it rose in 2021 with the first place. She did it with Txingurri, a fake potato stuffed with Euskal Txerri secret, yakiniku, kimchi, broad beans and meat juice with a trompe l’oeil presented on a land of Oreo.

Camerano cheese and lamb neck fritter: The skewer is made up of camerano cheese, apple, lamb neck and kidneys. XX La Rioja Skewers Contest: the Apron D’Oro 2022 at the end of May this year. is the work of Ollauri’s Tavern .

spring honeys: It is a filo pastry tartlet with creamy cod, tear peas, white asparagus and aroma of mead made in the restaurant Castru Gaiteru (Llans). Mieles de primavera has become the most famous pincho in the area by obtaining La Montera Picona de Oro 2022 in the XIII Championship of Pinchos and Tapas of Asturias.

cod caprice: Tapapiés (Madrid): in 2021, he won it Toast & Cod. Jose Antonio Pereira decided to choose Portuguese fish to create Capricho de cod, shredded and sautéed with onion, leek and other baked vegetables to accompany it with cream, nutmeg, black pepper, salt and cornbread.

SeasonPairing: It is made up of a crunchy cheese base and on top of it caramelised figs, raspberry cream from Güemes, black truffle spherifications and, of course, anchovies -from Santoña, of course-. The II Contest of Skewers with Anchovies from Cantabria honors its marine product in this contest won by the Santoñés restaurant the tavern.

in the southern half

ox tail: It was decorated in 2021 as the best tapa in Toledo. Its ingredients? A juicy oxtail stew with sauce wrapped in cylinders of filo pastry, finished with mango and truffle roe. they do it in Lara’s Palencia Steakhouse and won the II Provincial Contest of Tapas and Cocktails of Toledo.

Red prawn donut from Dénia i bleda: The best tapa of the Valencian Community 2022 is in Dénia and won the Tapas d’Aci Contest. You can eat it in the restaurant The Xerna of the Sea. As its name suggests, it is a donut filled with creamy red prawn and chard with spicy mayonnaise, as well as an emulsion of chard and pickles typical of the Marina Alta.

Cod ingot with olive land: Cod ingot with olive soil triumphed in the Cehegín tapas route, an event in which the winner of the best Murcian tapa of the year is chosen. It is made with a base of salty butter puff pastry, a cod brandade au gratin in the oven and a land of cuquillo olives. Brewed by the bar Sun.

broad beans in balls: a panipuri stuffed with fava beans with spring onion, fried egg mayonnaise and ham powder from the restaurant Carmen de San Miguel. It is the best cover from Granada 2022.

Trammel and floor: It is a cannelloni of fresh pasta stuffed with Sanlúcar prawns, with a gratin chamomile emulsion and an air of lime on an American sauce of galleys and prawns. Its creators, Manuel Herrera and Manuel Pérez del IES El PicachoThey want this snack to be included in the menus of bars and restaurants in Sanlúcar. I win the contest Cover of the Capital Sanlúcar 2022.

Fried dumpling in Korea: filled by chef Tito Verger, from the Rose of the Sea restaurant, with lemongrass-marinated meat and a coriander-lime emulsion, wrapped in coconut sugar. He won TaPalma 2021 Tapas and Cocktails Contest and Route.

Stew: it is a typical dish of Canarian cuisine, and of the Palmense restaurant Uncle Barnabaswho won the Fuerteventura Tapas Route 2022 with its gofio cookie with different emulsions of the sancocho ingredients.

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