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These are the advantages, for your health and that of the computer, of using a laptop stand

Today, laptops have become an essential tool, even more so when many of us use them to work – either in the office or from our home. Therefore, anything that is to make its use more comfortable is usually welcome. One accessory that can be really useful and bring with it many benefits is the laptop stand.

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On many occasions, prolonged use of the laptop can generate some problems, especially because its size forces us to position ourselves in a way that we do not end up being comfortable. Already in ConsumptionClear, we recommend using a second monitor to allow us to have a better posture.

But it is likely that the laptop support is unknown to you or, it may even seem that its usefulness is limited. Something very far from reality.

What are the advantages of a support?

The supports are a really useful accessory in order to improve our workspace. It is an element that, in most cases, raises the laptop and tilts it slightly forward.

The first advantage that using one of these supports offers is that it greatly facilitates the ventilation of our laptop. Although we already made a cleaning guide for our computer, many of us overlook it or forget it.

This causes that, after two or three years of use, it may begin to turn off periodically because it reaches high temperatures. The stand, by lifting the laptop off the table, allows air to circulate underneath and the fans are not obstructed. Some models even have their own fans.

The second advantage is that the supports are a great benefit to our health. Without realizing it, when using our laptop during long working hours, we adopt uncomfortable postures: which can cause tendonitis or back pain.

So that a support that allows us to better position the laptop, and even that can be adjusted, improving our posture and ergonomics.

First of all, by being higher, it prevents us from having to raise our arms or our wrists from hitting the table. Second, for the same reason, the height will allow us not to bend the neck excessively.

Do the supports have disadvantages?

Although everything seems positive, choosing a bad medium can bring with it a series of problems. The most common, and annoying, is that the support is not firm, so the laptop shakes when we type. Another is that we do not look at the inclination of the support and the size of the screen, so the height or slope of the accessory can be annoying.

What should we look for

When choosing between different supports, evaluating the advantages they can bring, you must take into account:

  • Material and weight. The brackets made of metal usually guarantee greater stability, but they also make it very tedious to transport it together with our laptop. While those that use plastic, they are much lighter, but unstable.
  • Design. Some stands are bases that are placed on the table with grids to facilitate ventilation, others are more similar to a lectern with legs and much higher, others are like small tables … Depending on which laptop we have, a base may be better adapted large or we are more interested in one with fans rather than height.
  • Accessories. The stands may have some interesting “extras”. Some models have their own fans to facilitate ventilation and avoid overheating, an important point if we are a bit lazy when cleaning it or we have a very powerful laptop. Other models may also have a keyboard or mouse pad and even some extra USB ports.

Recommended supports

Cozime support

For 29.99 euros, the Cozime laptop stand is one of the best options for almost any device and user. It is a peripheral designed to be left on a table, since it is designed in such a way that comfort is paramount over portability.

This support offers a 52.8×26 centimeter base that supports up to 20 kilograms of weight, in addition, it has a smaller platform to place the mouse. At the same time, the height -between 5 and 50 centimeters- and the inclination can be adjusted.

Plus product details in this link.

TopMate Cooler Base

For 39.77 euros, TopMate support is a great option for users who have powerful laptops that consume a lot. It is an adjustable base that, as its main advantage, has a high-speed fan.

This mount offers three ventilation modes: a high power (6 fans), low ventilation (4 fans) and high ventilation (2 fans). All of them, as several users indicate, are really quiet.

In addition, this base has a braided USB cable, two USB ports to add to our laptop, a base to place the mobile vertically, five heights and RGB lights (which can be turned off).

Plus product details in this link.

Huanuo Support

What if we look for a more portable and versatile alternative? The Huanuo support is prepared to be placed both on the legs and on a table. For 49.99 euros, this base offers a pass to slightly raise the laptop and seeks the comfort of the user.

It has some wrist pads that avoid the typical discomfort after long hours of work, as well as a space to place the mouse – although only for small laptops. In addition, it also has a handle to transport it.

Plus product details in this link.

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