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Do you want to be a winner in Fortnite? That might not be that difficult if you can gather a great arsenal; from sniper rifles to shotguns are necessary to succeed in this game. You don’t want to be in the middle of a battle without having your weapons. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you what they are the best weapons in Fortnite, so that you stand out in this video game.

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The best weapons in Fortnite

The colors of the weapons and what they mean

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The selection of weapons from Battle royale of Fortnite varies between categories, with plenty of options to choose from. From the silenced assault rifle to the explosive rocket launcher, there is something for every playstyle. In addition, each weapon has a different level of rarity. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a submachine gun or an assault rifle; all fall within the color code.

  • Gray: common
  • Vede: rare
  • Blue: weird
  • Purple: epic
  • Orange: legendary

The less common a weapon is, the more damage it deals. In combat, the best-class weapon is the one with the highest potential to deal damage, so if you go into battle with a gray assault rifle and face a blue one, the person with the blue one will have the upper hand, and so on.

If at any point during the game you find a version of a weapon that you already use but of a higher level, be sure to exchange them and keep the new color. This will ensure that you do as much damage as possible. Gray and green weapons are fine early in the game, but you should have at least some blue ones by the time half of the players are dead.

Choosing between different weapons of different levels is more difficult. It might not be a good idea to swap a regular assault rifle for an epic pistol if you know you’re about to cover some open terrain. If you must make such a decision, think about what you plan to do next and which weapon is best suited to the terrain. If you’re not very skilled with sniper rifles, don’t waste inventory space on one, even if it’s legendary.

The best weapons of Fortnite Battle Royale

These are the best weapons in Fortnite
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While encountering any weapon on your way is better than running around the map brandishing a beak violently and hoping to avoid the first 90 players before they shoot you, some are better than others; for example, it is better for you to run into a shotgun than a pistol, as it will keep you much safer.

This is a reliable hierarchy with which you will learn which weapons deserve your attention the most, in order of desirability. Some of these weapons have already been sent to the vault – this means they were removed from Fortnitealthough they may appear from time to time during special events. When available, they are some of the best weapons in the game, so stay tuned.

Assault rifles

While high ace rifles are not the most powerful weapons in the game, they are the most versatile. There are several different styles, with different types of power. They won’t kill an opponent on the other side of the map, but you will be protected when you need to make a quick breakout or when you go for it. Victory royale and have five people on your way. Just make sure to shoot in short bursts and you won’t have a problem.

These are the different types of assault rifles that you can currently get in the game:

The powerful high-ace rifles in the vault include:

  • Midas’s Drum Gun (this weapon is only available when Midas is defeated at the Agency)
  • Skye’s Assault Rifle (Available when Skye is defeated in the Shark)
  • Miausculus Peow Peow Rifle (available when Miausculus is defeated on his yacht)


Shotguns are not the best for long distances, but if you have someone close you can shake their world with a devastating shot. They are the perfect complement to your assault rifle. Some are significantly better than others, so search until you find the one that works best for you. These are the types that there are:

  • Tactical shotgun
  • Slide shotgun
  • Lever shotgun

Submachine guns

Although they are not as powerful or as direct as assault rifles or shotguns, SMGs are preferable in battles where you need something fast and light to take out the competition. They are automatic, so in case of hysteria you can simply hold down the trigger. They have enough ammunition. Here are all the submachine guns:

  • Zyg and Choppy’s ray gun (abandoned by Zyg in Hydro 16)
  • Rapid fire submachine gun
  • Submachine gun
  • Suppressed submachine gun
  • Kymera ray gun

Sniper rifles

Let’s face it: not everyone can show off as a sniper. But if all you can find is a sniper rifle, use it wisely. It will be necessary for you to be in constant motion and looking for areas where you can sit and wait for people to pass to shoot you, but while you are hidden you will be the terror of all and you will be able to finish with a bullet with anyone who gets in front of you (although not it is strictly a rifle, we also include the crossbow in this category, due to its functionality).

  • Storm Scout Rifle
  • Rail rifle
  • Bolt sniper rifle
  • Suppressed sniper rifle
  • Piston arc

Explosives and heavy weapons

Explosives and heavy weapons can be more or less useful. If you find a grenade launcher or rocket launcher, you’ll be fine with them for a bit, but they can run out of ammo quickly. They are not the ideal weapons in most situations, although they can certainly get you out of a bind. Therefore, it is best to save them for those final attacks where only a handful of players remain.

Explosives and heavy weapons are extremely powerful; they are also extremely difficult to come by.

  • Rocket launcher
  • Orange Paint Launcher
  • Purple Paint Launcher
  • Recognition scanner


Most pistols do little damage, although finding the right one can be fatal. It’s just that they’re much slower, rarely automatic, and do less damage per shot than most other weapons. Either way, having a gun is better than having nothing. Fortunately, in recent months Epic Games have included some impressive pistols that can surprise your enemies.

  • Night hawk
  • Marksman Six Shooter
  • Gun
  • Shadow Tracker
  • Hand cannon

The best weapons in each class


The pistol, one of the best weapons in Fortnite
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You will almost always want to swap your pistol for another weapon as soon as possible. However, there are some notable pistols that you might want to keep in your inventory. The first is the six-shot revolver (Marksman Six Shooter). This powerful pistol, one of the newest in the game, certainly packs a punch. Unfortunately it is in the vault, but stay tuned during special events. There’s also Night Hawk, which was pulled from the vault for season 7 and can be acquired from Guggimon or acquired from a broken vending machine. Both require a lot of skill to aim accurately. The truth is, you won’t win one Victory royale with a pistol, so as soon as you can swap them out for something more powerful.

Assault rifles

The assault rifle, one of the best weapons in Fortnite
Fortnite Wikia

There is a wide variety of high-ace rifles, including the burst and the M4. The M4 is the option that players usually prefer.

Yet arguably the best assault rifle around Fortnite It’s Slone’s pulse rifle. This item deals 38 damage and fires at a rate of 4.2, making it a deadly weapon in the right hands. In order to add him to your arsenal, you will need to eliminate Dr. Slone. That can be done southwest of Spire in the center of the map, but you will need to carry high-caliber weapons to achieve this.

Do it, and you will be rewarded with one of the best weapons in Fortnite.

Sniper rifles

The sniper rifle, one of the best weapons in Fortnite
Fortnite Wikia

With the Storm Scout out of the vault for Season 7, it quickly became one of the most popular sniper rifles in the game. The same can be said for the Bolt rifle, which is once again among the most powerful long-range weapons in the world. Fortnite.

However, if you are looking for something a little more powerful – but still efficient over the long range – there is the rail rifle. Although you can’t zoom like a typical sniper rifle, the rail rifle does great damage after charging for a few seconds. It can also shoot through player structures, making it a necessary weapon towards the end of the game.

Submachine guns

The submachine gun, one of the best weapons in Fortnite
Fortnite Wikia

When it comes to submachine guns, you will be fine with whatever you get. So it’s best to just make sure you have the highest quality you can find. When you see another submachine gun, don’t automatically ignore it; first make sure it’s no better than the one you already have.


The shotgun, one of the best weapons in Fortnite
Fortnite Wikia

There are different categories of shotguns to choose from; sliding, tactical and heavy (in the vault). Currently, the tactical shotgun is the best option for those who want the highest possible rate of fire.

Although the slide is a much more powerful option, it sacrifices fire speed for its 95 points of damage. It’s devastating for close combat, especially with its one-shot kill potential, but you’ll have to get every shot right, every time.

That is what makes the tactical shotgun the best option overall, as it is a more versatile weapon that allows you to perform various defensive and offensive maneuvers, firing one shot after another and hitting when you can without having to worry about having the highest precision. .

However, our favorite is the heavy one. Although it is currently in the vault, the heavy shotgun is titanic in terms of damage. The best thing is that its rate of fire is relatively high and it does not take long to recharge. If you find one of these, don’t let it go; You will thank us in those close matches.


The grenade launcher, one of the best weapons in Fortnite
Fortnite Wikia

When it comes to grenades, you can select different types in addition to the traditional grenade. These include the Boogie Bomb (in the Vault), Stink Bomb, and the Impulse Grenade. These bombs are less than impressive, but effective.

As available as explosives are, it’s hard to beat the standard rocket launcher. Capable of destroying large sections of buildings with a single shot, it is a great way to expose hidden enemies or destroy someone’s construction pattern.

The Recon Scanner is another useful heavy weapon, which will scan your surroundings for equipment, enemies, and vehicles. Attacking enemies with the recon scanner is useless, its DPS production of 15 is terrible, but it is a perfect way to take control of your environment and locate nearby points of interest.

Win the Victory Royale with the best weapons in Fortnite

Although there are many shortcuts and strategies you can learn to master FortniteIt is equally important to know what types of weapons you are dealing with and how to use them at each stage of your journey. There is a color-coded system that categorizes each weapon, which works as a useful guide to building the best and most successful arsenal.

After you master how and when to use the weapons in your arsenal, you will be ready for a victorious experience in Victory royale. You will be able to reach the top if you have purple or orange weapons known to represent the epic and legendary categories, respectively.

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