Friday, February 3

These are the cheapest supermarkets to combat price increases

  • The increase has occurred, above all, in fresh foods, especially sheep meat and fish

The Organization of consumers and users (OCU) claims the Government protectionist measures due to the constant increase in prices. In fact, 2021 had a year-on-year growth of 5%, which has a negative impact on the average consumer economy and, above all, of the most vulnerable families.

The largest price increases have occurred in the fresh food, especially in the sheep meat and the fish, which have increased to 7%. Fruit has been one of the few foods that has not suffered price increases in the last month of 2021 and the OCU recommends consuming seasonal pieces. Anyway, for the whole year it increased up to 9%.

cheap supermarkets

With this economic panorama, for many families it is essential to save in the shopping basket. For this reason, the OCU has shared the list of the cheapest supermarkets. According to a study carried out by this organization, it is possible to reach save 1,073 euros on average

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On the national map, the list is headed by To field, followed by Mercadona. These two chains are the favorites for people who live in provincial capitals. However, in some regions you can find other cheaper establishments. The first place is occupied by Supermecardos Dani (in eastern Andalusia), followed by More savings (Córdoba), Family Cash (Valencia) and Tifer (Burgos).