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These are the companies with the most difficult devices to repair | Digital Trends Spanish

According to a report by the PIRG organization in the United States, laptops and cell phones made by Apple, Microsoft and Google are the most difficult to repair, compared to other devices made by competitors such as Dell, Motorola and Asus.

The document was prepared based on the data provided by the companies themselves with the aim of complying with French legislation on repairability that establishes an index of recoverability of electronic devices.

This regulation requires manufacturers to rate each of the devices from 0 to 10 in relation to the facilities they present at the time of repair. These notes are ordered in this way: from 0 to 2.99 points corresponds to the letter F, from 3 to 4.99, with D; from 5 to 6.49, with the C; from 6.5 to 7.9, with the letter B and from 8 to 10, with the letter A.

Through this law, the French authorities want to help consumers opt for products that are more likely to be repaired, as well as encourage companies to make devices that can be repaired.

The qualifications

Regarding laptops, Dell ranks first for the ease of disassembly of its laptops, reaching a score of 7.81 points, followed by Asus (7.61); Lenovo (6.99); Make (6.87) and HP (6.39).

For its part, in this same item, the last places are occupied by Microsoft (4.60) and Apple (3.16). It is worth mentioning that the apple company also stands out in the last position in the category of phones with a score of 2.75, being the only one that appears in category F.

This group is led by Motorola, scoring 7.77 points, followed well behind by Samsung, with 5.69.

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