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These are the countries that cheat the most in video games | Digital Trends Spanish

Are you one of those who cheats in video games? If your answer is yes, then it is likely that your country of origin is present in this list of the 50 countries that cheat the most when playing.

According to this list, Russia, Italy and Israel (in that order) are the players with the most this questionable practice. In ninth place is Brazil, while in 13th place is Argentina. In 23rd place is Guatemala and in 27th and 28th, Chile and Uruguay, respectively.

Further back appears Spain in 37th place, while Mexico, Paraguay, Panama and Venezuela are in places from 44 to 47 consecutively.

The list was created by the Uswitch and each country was ordered using a relatively simple methodology: Google search data for words associated with this practice were analyzed, such as cheat or cheat codes (in Spanish, codes or tricks are generally spoken) in their equivalent in the local language.

Then, the search volume was normalized according to the population of the country; the result is a score in which Russia and Italy are far ahead of the others, as the image above shows.

Another interesting detail has to do with the games that are most sought after in each country. For example, in Germany they seem to have a fixation on Bethesda games, as both Skyrim What Fallout 4 appear among those in which the most codes are consulted on Google.

And particularly Iceland is a curious case, since it is the country where most tricks are searched on Google for games like Bioshock, Battlefield, Doom, Metal Gear Solid, Need For Speed, No Man’s Sky, The Last of Us Y Spider-Man.

The list of shame definitely has room for all kinds of games.

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