Monday, September 20

These are the gameplay news of the new eFootball | Digital Trends Spanish

Konami released a new and extended video about the upcoming eFootball, which under normal conditions would have been called PES 2022 But the franchise now has a different name and a different business model.

In the video of almost seven minutes in length, the novelties in the game system are explained in broad strokes. In particular, in everything that has to do with physics, animations and reactions of the players regarding specific situations, both when defending and attacking.

Konami says that the excitement of football lies in large part in 1v1 duels between two players and they have highlighted what can be done by controlling both the player and the ball. There are new feints that attackers can execute to deceive the opponent, while the physique and build of the players can be used in favor of the defenders.

In addition to the above, there are also changes in the tactical behavior of the players, depending on how everything is adjusted in the management of the team. The trailer shows how the characters are grouped in different ways when defending or attacking, depending on the play style.

Beyond the good intentions of the developers, one wonders who this trailer is for. Because most of the features that are presented are not very new in football games in general and some have even been seen before, such as that of resuming the game quickly when the ball leaves the field.

Without a doubt, Konami’s approach to its new eFootball is strange. It is no mystery to anyone that the saga FIFA has a position of absolute leadership in the world of football games, while the old PES It has less and less audience due to a presentation that does not seem to be in line with what the majority of the public wants.

On the other hand, and understanding that the video is part of a previous version, there are some details that look strange. The texture of the grass looks out of place in some contexts, while certain animations still look like they were part of soccer games from several years ago.

The new eFootball will be released in format free to play, although its first version will be a demo with few equipment. And more traditional game modes, like Master League, will have to be purchased separately.

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