Friday, September 17

These are the groups that will receive the third dose of the vaccine: transplanted, with lymphoma or sclerosis

The Public Health Commission has approved giving an additional dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to some severely immunosuppressed people. This booster injection, designed to complete the vaccination schedule, may be received by the following patients, as agreed by the technicians of the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities in the technical meeting this afternoon:

– Lung, kidney, pancreatic, heart, liver and intestinal transplants

– Bone marrow transplantation (hematopoietic stem cell transplantation)

– People treated with monoclonal antibodies (anti-CD20 drugs), such as people with multiple sclerosis and those with lymphoma

The Vaccine Conference and the COVID-19 Vaccination Technical Working Group (GTT) continue to study including in this group that will receive the third dose other people with immunosuppression, such as oncohematological patients undergoing chemo and radio treatment and those with pathologies that require immunosuppressive treatment. These people in a situation of severe immunosuppression correspond to group 7, made up of patients with very high-risk conditions, according to the vaccination strategy.

Both the presentation and the GTT establish that these patients should receive the prick at least 28 days after the last dose. In the case of people being treated with anti-CD20 drugs -such as rituximaba or veltuzumab, among others-, six months must have elapsed since the end of the therapy. People in these groups will receive mRNA vaccine, preferably the same type of vaccine as the one they already received in the other doses.

The commission, made up of representatives of the different autonomous communities and the Ministry of Health, have been raising the possibility of giving a new injection to some people for weeks in order to complete the vaccination schedule. Regarding the rest of the groups of the initial vaccination strategy, the experts of the Vaccine Report and the GTT do not have solid data or evidence to administer the booster dose to the general population.

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