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These are the most wanted films of Studio Ghibli | Digital Trends Spanish

Studio Ghibli has many very popular tapes, but some are more popular than others. A recent analysis of Broadband Choices reveals which are the most searched movies on Google throughout the world and the first place may not be a surprise to anyone.

The most popular Studio Ghibli movie is Spirited Away, also known in Spanish as Spirited Away. This film was released in 2001 and is the one that is most searched on Google in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, most of Europe and Uruguay; In total, there are 80 countries in which it is in the first place of the search engine.

Second is How’s Moving Castle, translated into Spanish as The Incredible Moving Castle. This film, however, is far from the numbers of the previous one and only 19 countries have it in their first place of preference; among others, Panama, Bolivia or Paraguay.

In contrast, in 13 countries the first preference is for Princess Mononoke (Princess Mononoke), mainly in places like Libya, Bhutan or Senegal.

The number is also repeated with Ponyo, which is the most sought after study in 13 countries that are mainly Mexico and all of South America, with the exception of the aforementioned Bolivia, Paraguay or Uruguay. And something funny is what happens like My Neighbor Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro), that despite being a true classic, it is not the most popular movie in Google searches and only appears at the top in countries like Iceland, Oman or Lebanon.

What Spirited Away be the most popular as far as the search engine is concerned, it may have to do with the fact that it is the Ghibli film that made Hayao Miyazaki’s work known in the West. And regardless of how many times they are searched on Google, these films have remained current thanks to their presence on Netflix, which has brought them even closer to a relatively new audience.

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