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These are the prizes for absurd investigations of 2021 | Digital Trends Spanish

A new edition of the Ig Noble Prize It was carried out in 2021, delivering – as is customary – prizes and recognition to the most absurd investigations carried out during the year.

In 2021, the event was held again virtually, just like last year. But the virtuality is a detail: the important thing is to reward studies that “first make you laugh and then think”, as indicated by the slogan of the award ceremony.

And one of the most outstanding recognitions was in the field of transport, in which a study carried out by researchers from various countries who wanted to verify the effectiveness of transporting rhinos upside down, hanging from a helicopter, was honored.

The research may seem ridiculous, but it is not. The transport of rhinos with this method is carried out frequently in Africa, but no study was carried out on the consequences that this could have on the animals. And the conclusion was that, indeed, this is a good method of transport and preferable to putting the rhinos on their side.

Anyway, the rest of the winners of the Ig Noble Prize 2021 were at the height (pun intended) of the rhinos hanging upside down:

  • Biology Award: a study that analyzes the various ways in which there can be communication between cats and humans, through meows and various sounds.
  • Ecology Award: an analysis carried out in several countries with which to identify different species of bacteria in chewing gums stuck on the streets.
  • Economy Award: a scientist discovered that the level of obesity of politicians can be indicative of the level of corruption in the country.
  • Medicine Award: a study revealed that sexual orgasms are a good nasal decongestant.
  • Chemistry Award: Odors in the air in a movie theater were found to indicate levels of violence, drug use, foul language, or sexual content in a movie.
  • Peace Prize: A group of scientists tested the hypothesis that human beard hair evolved to protect itself from blows to the face.
  • Physics Prize: an investigation to understand how it is that pedestrians do not collide with each other when walking on a sidewalk.
  • Kinetic Award: an investigation to understand why pedestrians collide with each other when walking on a sidewalk.
  • Entomology Award: a study on new methods of cockroach pest control in submarines.

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