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These are the reasons for the possible FIFA name change | Digital Trends Spanish

Recently, EA Sports alerted the world that in the future games in the series FIFA They could change their name and leave behind the brand of the body that governs professional football. And the reasons for this would be nothing more than a break between the game’s production company and FIFA.

According to a New York Times report, EA Sports and FIFA have been negotiating an extension of the contract that ends in 2022 for two years. Sources close to both companies reveal that said contract reaches $ 150 million annually that EA pays to FIFA and that the latter intends to double in a possible renewal, to exceed $ 1,000 million every four years.

Currently, this contract is exclusive and no one else can use the brand. FIFA for products related to videogames. In the same way, “the talks have stalled because neither FIFA nor EA agree on the rights that this exclusivity implies.”

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Apparently EA Sports would be interested in exploiting the rights beyond just creating video games year after year. For its part, FIFA believes that it should have no problem making new profits by licensing its brand to other companies in the same video game segment.

However, the same sources indicate that EA Sports currently has a small advantage due to its position. And it is that the first analysis indicates that if the soccer game changes the name, the loss would not be so great because technically, the only FIFA tournament that could not show with its official logos would be the World Cup.

On the other hand, the rest of the licenses of clubs and individual competitions, such as the Champions League, the Libertadores or the Premier of England are negotiated independently of FIFA. In fact, EA Sports recently announced that they have renewed their contract with the organization FIFPro, the global union of professional soccer players that watches over their image rights.

With this, future titles will be able to continue using the names and physical similarities of the footballers without problem, in an example of how EA Sports reaches agreements with the various entities that appear within the games.

For now, it is not clear how the negotiation between the two partners will end and experts say that by the end of the year white smoke should come out, either because the partnership is renewed or because it ends. If this happens, EA Sports is already preparing the ground and for this, it has already registered what could be the name of the futures FIFA that they are not called FIFA.

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