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Most likely, you have already heard about Microsoft’s new operating system. Surely you have heard wonders, but also the occasional complaint, and you wonder if your computer can run it. To help you crack that problem, we put together this guide that breaks down all the requirements for windows 11, from TPM to disk space, processor and more. This is what you need to know.

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Unlike previous versions, Windows 11 has some strict installation requirements. This has caused controversy, but if you bought your computer in the last three or four years, you should be able to run the new version of the operating system without problems.

Basic requirements to run Windows 11

To run Windows 11, your system must meet Microsoft’s minimum requirements. In the event that it doesn’t fit what we mention here, you may need to buy a new computer, if you are unsure about any of these specifications.

How to check if your computer can run Windows 11

The PC Health Check app in Windows 10.

Now that you know the minimum requirements to run Windows 11, check to see if your computer will run the new version. Microsoft makes it easy with the app PC Health Check. It is an official app that you can download directly from Microsoft. This is what you need to do to start using it:

Step 1: visit the microsoft website and download the PC Health Check app. look for the button Download the app in the page.

Step 2: After the download is complete, launch the installer. Follow the steps on your screen. Then the app will be installed and you can search for “PC Health Check” in your start menu to launch it.

Step 3: When the app is installing, click the button check now at the top to check if your computer meets the requirements. If all is well, a pop-up box will notify you that your system is supported. For more information, select the option See all results. You’ll see how each of your PC’s components compares to Microsoft’s list.

If your computer is not compatible, try upgrading your RAM, storage, motherboard, and processor, and adding a TPM 2.0 chip to your system. If you don’t meet all the requirements, then buying a new PC is the best option. We have a list of the best desktops and the best laptops that can help you decide.

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