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These are the social media accounts with the most followers | Digital Trends Spanish

Many celebrities have found social media a good way to keep in touch with their followers and increase their popularity.

Some celebrity accounts add up to hundreds of millions of followers, outnumbering the profiles of some of the most popular companies.

A report prepared by Axios It reveals which are the accounts with the most followers on the different social networks, at least the most popular ones.

Something interesting that the report highlights is that some celebrities are very popular on a certain social network, but have few followers on another platform.

“What differentiates social platforms are no longer their characteristics, but their values ​​and communities. What makes a person popular on one platform may not make them remotely interesting or influential on another, ”the site notes.

For example: Mr. Bean, a fictional character from a British comedy, is the fourth most popular page on Facebook, with 129 million followers. On Twitter it only has 215,000 ”.

The most popular accounts

In the case of Facebook, the account with the most followers is the company’s own application, with 188 followers. It is followed by the Samsung account, with 162 million and the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, with 150 million fans on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the tiktokeros with the most followers are Charli D ‘Amelio (129 million), Khabane Lame (120 million) and Addison Rae (86 million).

On Instagram, the most popular account is that of this social network, with 441 million followers. Then Cristiano Ronaldo (366 million) and Lionel Messi reappear, with 281 million followers.

Finally, the personalities who have the most followers on Twitter are Barack Obama (130 million), Justin Bieber (114 million) and Katy Perry (109 million).

You can review the full Axios report at this link.

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