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These are the three Chinese brands of televisions with the best quality price

For years, different Chinese brands have begun to be references in the European territory. While previously companies such as Xiaomi or OPPO could seem “second” to us, now they are already established in the mobile market and are direct competition from the already classic Samsung and Apple.

But what about televisions? Although LG, Samsung or Sony continue to be leaders in the market, the truth is that in Spain more and more Chinese brands bring their televisions to try to break the Japan-Korea duo.

And, as happened with mobile phones, these brands achieve results that, at a minimum, must be taken into account when buying a new television. Hisense, Xiaomi and TCL are the most interesting firms that we can find in Spain and that can be a savings and a surprise for any user.

1. Hisense: 4K and ULED at a bargain price

Hisense is very attractive, mainly for its price. A television is not usually a particularly small investment, but the Chinese brand offers high-performance models at a competitive cost.

Although prices range between 300 and 1,400 euros (see offers), the quality / price ratio of these televisions is usually one of the best on the market. In particular, the Hisense O8B is one of the most interesting.

It is an OLED TV far from the 1,000 euros that they usually cost. Between 500 and 600 euros (depending on the moment and the store), the Hisense O8B is the cheapest OLED panel on the Spanish market, although it does not sacrifice any of the benefits that these bring.

One of the main attractions of this brand is its own technology: the ULED. ULED technology – Ultra LED – is an evolution of QLED, since it requires lighting apart from diodes.

These televisions can turn on each pixel individually, which means darker blacks (without reaching the “pure” of the OLED) than the QLED. In turn, these panels have a 4K resolution and a much improved backlight, since the panel is divided into 240 zones to illuminate different sectors of the screen – this is known as Ultra Local Dimming-. In addition, it has a system to improve the movement of images –Ultra Smooth Motion Rate– inserting frames.

2. Xiaomi: the least demanding models

Although Xiaomi is a well-known brand in Spain, many users are unaware that it also offers televisions in addition to mobile phones. The Mi TVs are the TVs of the Chinese giant that, as with telephones, aim at the low and medium ranges.

Although they are not exaggeratedly lower prices, its cheapest model, the My TV 4A, does not exceed 200 euros (see offers). 32-inch and HD, this television is an option for those who prefer to barely spend on this appliance.

Xiaomi bets on Android TV on its televisions and a native Netflix app. This makes them a very interesting option for those looking for a TV to have in the room and use from time to time.

Of course: they do not have great results. Although Xiaomi assures that its televisions have HDR, they are not capable of reproducing it correctly, so activating it will not mean any change with the SDR (the usual one).

3. TCL: the old trusty

TCL is the last of this tour, but not the least interesting for that. This company is already a veteran in other markets and you should consider it if you are thinking of changing your television. The Chinese brand, as the company has stated on many occasions, aims to become a benchmark in the sector. In front of Samsung, LG or Sony, TCL presents itself as a brand that covers all the bands: low, medium and high.

MiniLED It is the panel that the Chinese present to face OLEDs. It is a technology 1,000 times smaller than the usual LEDs and, therefore, can increase the number of diodes and that, in smaller screens, a very high level of brightness is reached, which means better colors.

Like those of Xiaomi, the TCL have Android TV (throughout 2021 they will also integrate Google TV in some models), which makes them perfect smart TVs to use with your mobile. They also have a wide range of prices: from 300 to 2,000 euros (see offers).

In summary

With all this, TCL and Hisense They are positioned as Chinese brands to take into account if what you are looking for is a reliable TV with great features (and even scratch a few euros). While Xiaomi It should be an option for those who want to spend the least on its cheapest model.

In addition, if it is not something you should buy now, you should also take into account that both Hisense and TCL have already announced news for this 2021. TCL, for its part, will reach 8K and will improve the MiniLED technology, especially in the range of colors and brightness.

While Hisense announced its TriChroma Laser TV system. It is a new RGB laser light technology that, according to Hisense itself, improves the original RGB color gamut by 128% and will be available on its Laser TV models.

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