Monday, September 20

These are the Xbox announcements at gamescom 2021 | Digital Trends Spanish

The Xbox presentation prior to gamescom 2021 is one of the highlights from this year’s fair in Germany. In the absence of presentations from PlayStation or Nintendo, Microsoft is going to get the public’s attention and, at the very least, it is expected to be an extension of its excellent keynote by E3.

It is worth remembering that in this presentation, Xbox fired all its cylinders and therefore it does not seem that there will be too many news or unpublished announcements for gamescom 2021. However, there are some data and information that should be announced now; for example, specific release date of Halo Infinite and details on the cooperative campaign mode that will be delayed until the following year.

There may also be new information about games that were seen only in cinematic trailers, such as the one from Arkane Studios. But there is also the chance that other third-party titles make an appearance, such as the same Battlefield 2042, FIFA and some others that have not yet been announced.

And of course, Xbox Game Pass. The service has become a great catalog of games both larger and also of unknown names, which are very good and that if it weren’t for Game Pass, they would often go unnoticed. The logical thing would be for this presentation to announce at least a couple of new titles that will soon be available within the service.

The Xbox presentation begins at 10:00 AM Pacific Time and 1:00 PM Eastern Time and will be viewable on both YouTube and Twitch or Facebook.

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