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These four photography accessories are the best to take us on a trip

Now that the holidays, and therefore the trips, are approaching, photography enthusiasts are dusting off our cameras to take advantage of those important days to portray the ecosystems that we visit. And it is that, with few exceptions, most of us are just that: amateurs or amateurs those of us who simply like to keep a precious memory of our adventures.

Despite this, some users try to go further and want to improve our technique and our photography, something common rarely when we start to take out the camera with us. Therefore, we may be thinking of getting hold of some photographic accessories for our trips and, thus, get closer to the professionalism of the images that our friends share through social networks.

Now, what accessories are necessary? What is more useful or what should we spend our budget on? The first thing is to remember that, in general, we are amateurs. That is, we can find different recommendations on the internet, but sometimes these can be directed at photographers amateur who want to jump to the professional field or reach a similar level.

The second thing is that an accessory, in this case, must be just that: an accessory. These will not suddenly improve the quality of our photographs, but must be focused on facilitating some processes or, directly, making our lives easier.

At ConsumptionClaro we have prepared this list of accessories that, we believe, may be essential for any photography lover who wants to enjoy this passion during their travels.

Backpack or carrier bag

The most uncomfortable thing about taking the camera with us on a trip is having it on us, literally. Although many of us tend to hang it on our shoulders, this can be a concern for some people: what if it crashes? What if it falls? The solution to avoid these questions is to get a backpack or a camera bag.

The backpack is not recommended for the type of user, since they are usually large, designed to carry a photographic body, several lenses, a laptop… something that may not be necessary for many. A camera bagon the other hand, has a much smaller size and allows us to carry the body at the same time that we have our own backpack.

Recommendation: Amazon Basics Camera Case

This Amazon Basics model is a value for money option: it is a universal case in which we can put practically any reflex or mirrorless camera. It has different hooks to place a band or hang it from a travel backpack and, in its lower part, they have EVA plastic to be able to stand it up.

Amazon Basics Camera case for €21.31

Cleaning kit

Many of us can make the mistake of not cleaning our camera, a big mistake -especially if we have a mirrorless or a reflex- or maybe, in the middle of the trip, some dust gets on the camera or it gets stained with some way. To solve these moments or keep our body clean, it is best to have a cleaning kit.

The minimum we need is: an air pump with a tube to direct the current to remove dust without rubbing, microfiber cloths and a brush that acts as a duster to clean the different areas of the chamber.

Recommendation: CamKix Kit

This is one of the most complete models, especially if we take into account its price. This kit has an air pump, microfiber cloths, a brush and a double head tool to finish off the cleaning. In addition, it has cleaning liquid to facilitate the process.

CamKix kit for €11.99


The tripod is surely the most common and useful accessory for most amateur photographers. This allows us to take pictures by increasing stability and being able to play even more with the camera parameters.

Recommendation ViWAA tripod

This tripod is ideal to take with us on a trip, since it does not weigh much (589 grams) and is very small when folded (40 centimeters), making it easy to transport. Once we open it, it has a maximum height of 1.40 meters and a minimum height of 0.4 meters, in addition to being able to place a camera, a mobile phone or a projector, so it is really versatile.

ViWAA tripod for €23.49

waterproof cover

Depending on where we travel, rain can be a problem. Although some cameras have IPS certification for water or rain, the truth is that whenever there is a downpour we are risking the body of our camera.

The best solution is to get a waterproof case to continue taking pictures without any problem and, more importantly, without damaging our camera.

Recommendation: Zecti rain cover

This model is a “universal” rain cover -according to the manufacturer it is compatible with most cameras on the market: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Lumix, Fujifilm…- that has both an opening to place the lens and two side holes to put your hands and operate with it. In addition, these openings can be closed thanks to different zippers, so that we can completely waterproof it.

Zecti rain cover for €17.99

*ConsumoClaro’s team of journalists and experts rigorously and independently recommend products and services for our readers. Every time you buy through some links added to this text, receives a commission.

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