Saturday, September 18

These little arcade machines are great for kids | Digital Trends Spanish

Children today are generally unfamiliar with arcade machines. But, if you want your children or grandchildren to put aside Fortnite and Minecraft for a while and get to know the experience of playing a retro title on these machines, you can buy the new from Arcade1Up.

This company has introduced a new line of arcade machines called Arcade1Up Jr., but the interesting thing is that their size is smaller, so they are ideal for children between four and eight years old.

Standard machines are usually 1.60 meters tall, allowing an adult to play standing up comfortably. But the Arcade1Up machines have been scaled down, measuring only about 92 centimeters.

The machine is also updated with a “Super Easy” mode and infinite lives feature, so kids don’t have to experience endless frustration while playing. Remember that, in the past, if lives ended, the game ended there, and you had to start from the first level.

In addition, it includes large buttons and a joystick eight-way with a huge ball on top, unlike the small controls on regular machines. That way, it will be easier for children to play with the retro controls, as they are probably more used to using the touch controls on mobile phones or console controls.

The main arcade of the line, which is themed Pac-man, will be available from October 15. And in addition to including that classic game, it comes with the titles Galaga and Dig dug.

However, the company knows that these games may not be as attractive to children. That’s why Arcade1Up will also launch a machine themed on Paw patrol. This will be released on November 15 and will include the games Paw Patrol Pups on the Go, Paw Patrol Chase is in a Race and Paw Patrol Off Duty.

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