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These televisions are the best options for Black Friday

When we start to watch televisions, many of us try to adjust the budget as much as possible without losing quality or sacrificing benefits. Something that becomes much easier in times of big discounts like Black Friday.

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This last week of November can be a good opportunity to either renew our television or get one if we do not have one. But which ones are the best to be attentive to?

Like everything, it depends on our case. Discounts can help us, using a more limited budget, buy a better category television. Or stretch the budget a bit and get closer to models premium.

In ConsumptionClear, we recommend some of the best models that you can look at.

Xiaomi P1 32 “

With a discount of 100 euros -from 289 to 189 € -, the Xiaomi P1 can be a perfect television for those who are looking for a reduced-size model without sacrificing quality or resources.

The P1 is a Smart TV with Android TV 9.0, which means that not only will we have access to the Google Play catalog, but we will also have Google Chromecast. Regarding the panel, it has an HD resolution with Flameless technology.

🤑 This model is on sale for Black Friday

Samsung Crystal UHD 2021

One of the great brands when we talk about TV is Samsung, and it is not for nothing: its technology is one of the best results. With a discount of just over 200 euros – from € 719 to € 499 – the 55 ”Crystal UHD can be our pre-party whim.

The Crystal is one of the brand’s flagship televisions: it offers a panel with 4K and HDR10 + resolution and Motion Xcelerator technology, which gives fluidity to the images.

🤑 This model is on sale for Black Friday

Samsung QLED 4K

QLED technology is another of the great advantages offered by Samsung televisions, achieving a contrast of colors and blacks superior to that of most models. The 55-inch 2021 QLED TV is at a really attractive price: € 699-compared to the usual € 1,199-, a reduction of 42%.

The Samsung panel has 4K resolution, HDR10 +, Quantum technology for an improvement in the representation of colors and an updated version of the Motion Xcelerator. In addition, the design is elegant and very fine.

🤑 This model is on sale for Black Friday

Sony Bravia KD

Another of the big brands when it comes to televisions is Sony, recognized, above all, for the speakers and the colors that the images achieve. For 719 euros -31% less than the usual price, € 1,049-, the Bravia KD can be our new television for the living room.

Smart TV, 4K, voice control, Motionflow XR 1000 technology… the Bravia KD is one of the best televisions in the 1000 euro range. Something that, with its current discount, makes it very attractive.

🤑 This model is on sale for Black Friday

Hisense 58A66G 2021

But the 700 euros may go out of budget and we don’t want to spend that much either. So the 2020 Hisense 43AE7200F may be a great option. Despite being a model from the previous year, the truth is that it continues to perform very well and offers a panel with 4K resolution for just 339 euros -21% less than the usual 429 euros-.

This Hisense TV has built-in Alexa, 4K resolution with AI scaling. Where this model loses is due to its operating system, although Vidaa complies, it is not as versatile as Tizen or Android TV.

🤑 This model is on sale for Black Friday

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